April 15, 2018

Fortress Investment Group – Strong Leadership And Presence

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Fortress Investment Group LLC has been working in asset management since 1998. The company was established by three business partners with headquarters in New York City. The Fortress Investment Group quickly became a global leader in its line of work with co-founder Mr. Randal Nordone at the helm as the Chief Executive Officer.

With nearly 3 000 employees around the globe, the Fortress Investment Group was managing over 70 billion as 2016. Up to date, global corporation is serving more than 2 000 clients including institutions and private investors. The clients of the Fortress Investment Group typically work in equity, real estate, credit, traditional asset management, private equities, and so on.

One of the leaders of the global corporation is Mr. Peter Briger. He is the Principal and co-chairman of the company and has been working at the Fortress Investment Group since 2002. Mr. Peter Briger started out at the company as a member of its Management Committee in arch 2002. In 2006, he started leading large projects for the business and was elected to sit on the Board of Directors. After three more years, Mr. Peter Briger became co-chairman and Principal of the global firm. Up to date, he is responsible for the real estate business of the company as well as its operations in credit.

Before Mr. Peter Briger started working at the Fortress Investment Group, he was a part of Goldman Sachs. He had been serving the company for 15 years. Eventually, Mr. Peter Briger was promoted to Partner in 1996. During his time at Goldman Sachs, Mr. Peter Briger had many different responsibilities. He worked on a few of the company’s committees including the Global Control and Compliance Committee and the Asian Management Committee. Mr. Peter Briger than became the co-head of their Fixed Income Principal Investment Group and headed the Whole Loan Sales and Trading of the corporation. After that, Mr. Peter Briger started managing a few divisions including the Special Opportunities Fund Asia and the Asian Distressed Debt.

Other than asset management, Mr. Peter Briger is firmly dedicated to his work in philanthropy. He is a frequent contributor to a vast number of causes and nonprofit organizations. Additionally, Mr. Peter Briger is working for the Global Fund of Children under the Silicon Valley Leadership Council. Mr. Peter Briger also works on the Council of Foreign Relations. It is a nonprofit group that works towards educating both citizens and elected official on foreign policy, the issues that arise, and how to navigate them.

Mr. Peter Briger concluded his education from the Princeton University with a bachelor’s degree and then achieved his MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Peter Briger has achieved well over twenty years in finance and business and has become an expert in asset management. He is currently leading a number of significant projects for the Fortress Investment Group LLC and is providing his services to a number of charities, councils, and committees working around the globe in philanthropy as well as business.

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