April 29, 2018

OSI Industries – Expanding Its Reach Across The Globe

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The Flagship Food Group from Denver, Colorado, a part of Flagship Europe, has recently been procured by the OSI Industries. OSI Industries is a meat processor company based in Aurora, Illinois that is engaged in the food service and retail industries. It is among the biggest privately owned companies in the United States.

Flagship Europe on the other hand is a company that provides dressings, sauces, mayonnaise sous vide products and pies, and frozen poultry to the food service market of the United Kingdom. It likewise has an extended presence within the food to go industry after it purchased Calder Foods, another United Kingdom company and supplier of dips, mayonnaise, sauces, marinades, and fillings.

Russel Maddock, Flagship Europe’s Chief Executive, states that the acquisition by OSI Industries is another progressive and exhilarating development for their company since additional resources will be available for them, including global markets and new clients as part and parcel of the OSI Industries. He added that being a part of OSI will open new opportunities and improve Flagship Europe’s position in the market; and this will facilitate their endeavor to better support their successful business, and serve their clients.

David McDonald, OSI’s Chief Operating Officer and President commented that the addition of Flagship Europe to the OSI Europe venture has provided OSI the capability to make its presence felt in a larger area in Europe. Flagship Europe’s wide range of brands and products augments OSI’s processing capabilities at the moment while expanding the company’s capacity to serve the changing needs of its customers.

In its determination to strengthen its worldwide presence, OSI Industries likewise procured a controlling interest in Baho Food, which is a privately owned Dutch Company engaged in the manufacturing of other food items and meat products for retail and food service industries. The control merger is still under current negotiation.

Baho Food has plants in the Netherlands and in Germany. It also has five affiliate companies namely: Q Smart Life, Bakx Foods, Henri van de Bilt, Vital Convenience, and Gelderland Frishwaren. The said companies have around 60 years of history in the market, and retail an assortment of convenience foods and snacks, and deli meats that serves clients all over 18 countries in Europe.

Baho Food’s Managing Director, John Balvers and his whole management team will be retained, where they will work collaboratively with senior OSI executives to administer a future plan that will strategically propel the longstanding expansion of both companies.

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