May 5, 2018

Bradesco’s Transitions From Lazaro De Mello To Luiz Carlos Trabuco

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So many organizations have long tenure for their topmost leadership positions as a way of giving ample time for the leaders to implement their agenda. However, when an unfavorable time for transition approaches, the organizations get pressed with uneasiness on the transition process as a fraternity, Bradesco, an esteemed bank in Brazil had a similar environment from October 2017 until March the following year.

It has been 75 years of experience for Bradesco, to Lazaro Brandao as the president of the directors’ board. The 91-year old superior had to cede after a long tenure that was worthy of trust. The 10th day of October 2017 5.00 pm remains in Bradesco’s records. Their powerful chairman Brandao, after 27 years in the same position left his workmates in a state of limbo after tendering a file containing his quitting letter. Even though it was anticipated, the resignation came quite early which astonished the leadership. A transition was however expected in later dates to have Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the new chair as he drops his position of the president to one among the seven vices. However, it was inevitable for Luiz Carlos Trabuco to serve in two positions until a new president is decreed in March.


Being second in rank, Bradesco had to be swift in response to the change, therefore smooth replacement was organized in their hall, Predio Vermelho as Luiz Carlos Trabuco get a new command. It is expected that a couple of months will be taken in learning the new voice of power hence it is wrong to raise expectation at the onset. However, it is promising that Luiz Carlos Trabuco understands what it takes to advance Bradesco, moreover, he is missioned to not only conserve but also advance taking a key responsibility of adding value to the already established human capital in the bank.

Moreover, it solely lies with this executive officer, Trabuco to incorporate change. He ought to consider staying in the office a shorter time, unlike his predecessor. This can be achieved by establishing an age boundary policy. Luiz Carlos Trabuco studied philosophy as well as socio-Psychology, the great leader has strong cultural rooting with strongly established principles. It is now time for Bradesco council to tap explicit leadership services from this combatant manager. Bradesco is set to adopt a new slogan, TRA, to welcome Trabuco into the new responsibility.

In the past, Carlos Trabuco has been recognized as the entrepreneur of the year. This is because he contributed to the growth of Bradesco by promoting business deals and enhancing comfortable working environment for employees. Besides, he has also helped in the acquisition of HSBC, a private banking institution in Brazil. Bought at $5.2 billion, the 2015 business deal contributed to the development of Bradesco’s shares in the industry. As a student of philosophy and sciences, he is equipped with people skills and always uses them to professionally interact with employees. Carlos is not only an executive leader but also a role model to emerging business professionals.


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