May 8, 2018

David Zalik, the Chief executive officer of Greensky Credit Company

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David Zalik’s company, Greensky Credit Company, is worth $3.6 billion. This represents a great accomplishment from the CEO, David Zalik. Zalik was a high school dropout. However, he made his way up in the end. The company has a special thing, as it does not get its capital from its accounts. Instead, other financial institutions like banks and Loan Lending Corporation fund it. The CEO, David Zalik’s family moved into Alabama when he was four years. His education, however, was a rocky one as he skipped high school. He joined his father at Auburn University at fourteen years of age. At the university, he lost interest in school and dropped out. He started a project of building a computer-assembly company.

The story behind the success of David Zalik is that he began as a regular employee at Greensky Credit Corporation. After sometime, he realized that contractors were preventing the breakthrough of markets all over America. He saw this as an opportunity and an open door. Upon research, David Zalik figured that most American homeowners were struggling to pay loans. Greensky Credit was using a strategy of lending money at a faster rate than other financial institutions. However, for you to redeem such investments, one had to pass the FICO borrowers. It was because they wanted to acquire marginal clients. The framework of Greensky Credit Corporation revolves around profits. The firm gets shares from the other two partners, the bank, and the lender. Thus, the double advantage has enabled the company to earn billions of dollars in revenue. The organization began lending loans to homeowners who would later repay at an interest.

Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management. He is responsible for the company’s success since 2009 when it was founded. Unlike David, Sahm was academically certified as he held a bachelor of economics from Yale University. However, both men have risen to financial heights no one could ever imagine.

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