May 11, 2018

Whitney Wolfe: Bumble Is Buzzing

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Whitney Wolfe, a founder of the dating app Bumble, created the service to provide women with a safer dating space. Wolfe was also co-founder of a similar app Tinder, but proceeded to leave the company and pursue the new startup after facing gender discrimination from her co-founder whom she dated for a period of time. Bumble has seen a rapid growth in success after launching in December 2014. This is due to the fact it allows women to make the first move when matched with a potential partner. The service is also heavily focused on creating a safe space free of harassment and misconduct; in fact, the company’s abuse report rating sits low at 0.005 percent.

Wolfe attended Southern Methodist University with a major in International Studies. After returning from her work with orphanages in Southeast Asia, she eventually joined the founding team of Tinder Dating App. She became the Vice President of marketing during her stay there and is credited with spreading app popularity throughout college campuses, developing the logo and the company name, and the direct impact she had on app user growth.

Whitney Wolfe became Whitney Wolfe Herd when she married Michael Herd in September 2017, and it was an exquisite wedding in Positano, Italy. Wolfe’s company Bumble Bizz has also launched an extension to their app called Bumble Bizz, which is used for professional networking and mentorship. Users can connect with other professionals based on their needs, and it has gained the attention of celebrities such as Kris Jenner who used it last April to hire personal trainer.

Bumble BFF is another side of the Bumble app that is dedicated to creating connections between those looking for friendship. Users active in this area of Bumble do not show up on dating matches. Bumble created this service because users were making friends on the app and wanted to keep them, even after finding a match through the app, they still enjoyed using service to create lasting friendships. Wolfe and her team at bumble have expanded the use of the app to go beyond a love matchmaking site, to a place where users can create a network of friends and professional contacts.

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