May 31, 2018

Beauty Trends With Lime Crime

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Lime Crime is known for its eye-catching makeup, which includes bright colors, high-quality products, long-lasting pigment, and no animal cruelty. Some beautiful and clever makeup trends can definitely be done using their products. Here’s how!

Recently, lipstick has moved from neutral pink colors that consumers have to constantly reapply to unique, long-lasting lipstick. Bright, long-lasting matte lipstick is what they are famous for. All one needs to do to make sure they don’t get chapped lips from their matte lipsticks is apply lip balm before. They last all day long and come in a ton of different colors. Instead of being worried about lipstick smearing or coming off after lunch, one can actually enjoy their day knowing their lipstick will stay in place and look as amazing as it did when it was first applied.

The Venus 3 Palette is one of their three palettes, and it includes the color purple. Purple is rather versatile, as it matches with just about anything and almost all things beauty come in purple. The company even has purple pop-on nails, lipstick, and hair dye to go with this palette. Their hair dye won’t damage your hair, which is possibly the best part about it, as this is probably the biggest fear for most DIY hair dyers. Having to walk into the salon with destroyed hair is a nightmare.

Nails are increasingly popular, especially longer nails. They add a bit of pop to any outfit, thankfully the beauty company also has these. Pop-on nails, which allow people to simply glue on their nails and not worry about them for a week, have been a huge trend. While getting ready for a nice event, not everyone has the time to paint their nails, and it can be expensive to get them done professionally at a salon. This is where these nails come in. They look completely natural but are eye-catching and last for a long time.

Lime Crime, a colorful company with great values behind it, can be incorporated into all the recent trends and will make anyone look cute and stylish. No matter what your style is, they will have something for you.

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