June 4, 2018

Robert Ivy Becomes First Recipient Of The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters Award In Architecture

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Robert Ivy, the CEO at the American Institute of Architects, was recently awarded for his service and dedication to the work that he does in the architectural field by The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. This award marks the first time the organization has honored someone within the field of architecture, which is a huge milestone, not only for Ivy but the entire architectural industry. The award that he was presented with was called the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is just given to those who stand out in the field of art and literature, and who hail from the state of Mississippi. The organization has honored people from various artists backgrounds, solely because of the contributions that they have made and the impact they have left on the industry.

Because of the contribution that Ivy has had towards the field, he was seen as the perfect person to be the first professional to win this award. As the CEO of one of the largest architectural organizations in America, he has influenced the workings of the industry by an incredible amount. Through the American Institute of Architects, he has been able to guide the people who work within this field, providing them with the right tools to be able to produce good quality projects.

One of the more recent developments that Robert Ivy brought on through the American Institute of Architects was with the purpose of improving the kind of technology that is being used. As technology develops, industries all over the world are trying to find new ways to be able to improve the work that people within the field do. The architectural field, however, was lacking behind, as many of the operations and tasks that were being conducted were done using rather traditional means and more

To be able to streamline this development, Robert Ivy released an ad through the American Institute of Architects, calling for all software developers, programmers, and designers to come together and help the organization come out with apps that can improve the work that people within this field do. This was something that a lot of people saw as an incredibly positive development that was much needed within the field. Ivy has had an impressive career working as an architect, and as an editor to architectural publications. He has worked with a wide range of clients, offering his expertise in architecture.

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