June 11, 2018

Eric Lefkofsky Understands The Changes That Must Be Made When It Comes To Cancer Treatment

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Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Tempus Labs. Tempus labs Based out of Chicago collects molecular data for cancer treatment in order to help current and future patients with cancer with treatment options and plans to help them get through this rough patch in their life. Eric Lefkofsky sees cancer treatment as something that for the last few years something that has only been able to go so far. With Tempus Labs Lefkofsky has been able to change this and turn cancer treatment into a whole different ball game by finding molecular data and DNA/RNA information to help patients find what will work best for them when treating this dreaded illness of cancer.

Patients who use Tempus Labs have the ability to have Tempus look at their tumor and be able to find similarities between their tumor and past cancer patients tumors and to find what will work best in treating their tumor. Tempus also looks into demographics medical history to determine what works better when it comes to finding the right treatment options for patients. Along with using Tempus Labs due to the fact that Tempus has partnered with many other cancer research facilities such as Mayo Clinic, The University of Chicago and Doctors that specialize in cancer treatment options patients can take their care more than a step further and have a whole team of people to not only support them but help them and their loved ones get through this difficult time.

Eric Lefkofsky Co-founder of Tempus has experienced the pain of a loved one going through cancer treatments and has used his experience with his loved one to make a better experience for future patients and their family members who may be involved in their treatment process/plan. Tempus has many different resources to help patients get through everything and all of Tempus Labs employees provide emotional support to patients when they need someone to talk to. Tempus Labs has in recent months raised over 80 million dollars towards finding molecular data and DNA/RNA in order to better the lives of future patients to come.

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