June 17, 2018

OSI Continues Its Expansion Into New Markets That Will Appreciate Its Offerings

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OSI Food Solutions is a global leader in providing customized food options for and quality products for the food industry. The company was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky and eventually became known as Otto & Sons when his sons joined him in by getting to work for the company. During the 1970’s, around the time that current Chief Executive Officer and Chairman; Sheldon Lavin joined food company, Otto & Sons became OSI Food Solutions. The company is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate on any legal basis during its hiring process, and it encourages its employees to have an entrepreneurial mindset.

OSI Food Solutions has been focusing on expanding its company in a rapid way since the 1970’s, and this business model has continued to stick with the company for all of these years. Recently, OSI decided to purchase a former Tyson Foods plant that is located in the Chicago area. The company purchased the facility for $7.4 million and offered jobs to many of the former employees of Tyson Foods who were set to lose their jobs as the plant shut down. The plant measures around 200,000 square-feet and is in close proximity to another facility in the Chicago area. This means that it will be able to provide infrastructure and support for the other plant, and the Senior Executive Vice President of OSI, Kevin Scott, remarked that the new plant will help OSI to satisfy the needs of their current customer base.

OSI Food Solutions has also been focusing a lot of its expansion efforts overseas and recently purchased Flagship Europe. The company offers frozen poultry, dressings, marinades, sauces, sous vide items, and a lot more. David McDonald, President of OSI, was on-hand during the acquisition and remarked that adding the company to OSI’s European operations will give help the company to satisfy and reach more of their customers there. Specifically, it will help with OSI’s processing capabilities and ability to reach new areas. With Flagship Europe’s recent acquisition of Calder Foods, this means that OSI will have even more to offer its customers in the United Kingdom. Russel Maddock, the Chief Executive of Flagship Europe, commented that the union would be good for Flagship Europe and that it will help to increase the available resources it has to work with.

OSI Food Solutions has no plans on slowing down growth, and with a business model that favors employees and looks out for the environment, there is no reason it should.

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