June 30, 2018

Malcolm CasSelle Makes Virtual Shopping Easier with WAX Platform

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The new WAX platform is here and is poised to reinvent the digital industry’s wheel. The player to player marketplace features a fast, completely safe experience that allows the trade and sale of virtual assets. In Gam gamers do not even have to exit out of their game screen. The ease and convenience is welcome in a fragmented market that offer little of both.

Malcolm CasSelle, CEO and president of WAX announced that the platform would be the next step in cryptocurrencie’s revolution. An ever-present innovator within the digital market, CasSelle has been involved in 1995. From founder to CIO Cassel’s reputation as an investor, executive, and entrepreneur is stupendous.

WAX uses blockchains to safely navigate through the turbulent waters of decentralized marketplaces. The blockchains also form smart lists to protect from fraud. The smart lists also allow the market to be competitive, as the ratings earned are based on user votes. Smart lists are not he only things the WAX platform pioneers. The platform also uses tokens, WAX tokens to be precise.

Most games and platforms tokenize commodities to make them available for digital sale. The tokens never cross game well, leaving all sales relegated to the game in question. In order for the transaction to precede a middleman is involved. The middle man is responsible for exchanging the assets. The whole process becomes tedious from there. By using one token for all the games within WAX’s network, transactions can take place with ease.

Malcolm CasSelle is a graduate of Stanford University with an MBA in computer science. Before coming to OPSkins CasSelle was on CTO for Tronc Inc. CasSelle was an early stage investor in several successful trends. He invested in Facebook, Zynga, and bitcoin. His knowledge of cryptocurrency is adept, and his understanding of the market strong.


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