July 14, 2018

Peter Briger Retains His Position after Fortress Investment Group Acquisition

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Fortress Investment Group is one of the leading asset management and alternative asset acquisition in the industry. The organization has been formulating and implementing policies that have seen the company assume the role of market leader by offering quality services that are not provided by other organizations. However, the performance of the company has been attributed to the leadership of its senior leaders such as Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger. However, it is the retaining of the latter that has raised questions in the investment industry after Softbank Group; a Japanese organization acquired the company.

Retaining Peter Briger is a testament to what he has done for the company to see it grow to the level of attracting investors from multinational organizations. One of the roles Peter Briger has played is ensuring that the company offers quality and professional services to the customers and other clients who seek investment services in the company. Fortress Investment Group has proved to be very professional and currently stands as the market leader regarding customer services. Clients who have visited the organization for any assistance have left the institution happier.

The second aspect is the ability of Peter Briger to help the organization to raise investment funds that are allocated for borrowers who later return such funds at a profit. Briger has created funds which are sourced from company profits and from other sources within the investment industry in a view to helping borrowers to acquire funds easily and invest in the opportunities that they feel are profitable. Therefore, Briger might have been retained in the company with the view of making him continue with the role of helping the organization to raise funds for lending.

Lastly, Peter Briger was one of the influential people in the organization who was supporting its acquisition. This means that he approves the strategic plan of the company in the future. Therefore, he will prove to be an essential asset in helping the company to maneuver this period of change. Besides, Fortress Investment Group will remain independence even after acquisition which means that some of its staff members will be retained to help the company to continue with its strategic plan. Meet Pete Briger: A Titan in the Investment and Finance World

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