August 28, 2018

Explore The Beauty And Culture Of Fagali

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Fagali is a village in Upolu islands in the Somoa Archipelago. It is the perfect place to immerse yourself in Polynesian culture and explore the beauty of the island. In Fagali you can visit a Somoa village, go on a Yoga Hike, or visit the ocean.

Learn about Samoa History

To learn about the Samoa culture, there are two stops you should make. The first is the Samoa Cultural Village according to The village, located on Beach Road is one of 362 villages in Samoa. The people of the village are happy to show customers their way of life and answer any questions they may have. They even have basket weaving and woodworking workshops to show how Samoans used to create their goods. Another stop in the pursuit of Samoa culture is Fiafia Night. This dinner and a show features fire dancers, and live music.


Yoga Hike

This relaxing tour offers hikes in the forest or by the beach. It gives visitors a moment to relax and take in some of Fagali. The Yoga instructors are trained to help everyone have a great experience rather this is your first time at yoga, or are a veteran. The tour in Fagali also offers a variety of vegan snacks including coconut water kefir and kimchi.

Explore The Ocean

There are two places to go to visit the beauty of Fagali Oceans according to The Palolo Deep Marine Reserve is just a short walk from the town of Apia. Here you can go snorkeling with your own gear, or rent some from places nearby. You can also just sit on the beach and relax, or swim in the ocean.

For a more adventures look at the ocean go to AquaSamoa. Aqua Samoa is a boat scuba tour. They allow you to get an up-close look at coral gardens, canyons, and lava tubes.

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