September 30, 2018

Sheldon Lavin Incredible Input in the Growth of Entrepreneurship World

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Sheldon Lavin was born in 1932. He is the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of OSI Group Limited. He pursued his education at the University of Illinois as well as Northwest University where he specialized in accounting and finance. He also achieved a Bachelors of Science degree in business from Roosevelt University based in Chicago Illinois. Sheldon established private consulting firm in downtown Chicago and called it Sheldon Lavin and Associates Inc. which he operated it for more than fifteen years. Sheldon associated himself with Otto & Sons, Inc. OSI Industries products are manufactured and distributed to over 65 facilities across 17 nations.

Sheldon Lavin is still the leader of the growth and expansion of OSI Group innovation. Sheldon believes that expansion and diversification is the key to the future growth and development of OSI as well as maintaining its family-like culture. Lavin is also a philanthropist. He has also supported the Ronald McDonald House Charities for over 25 years. He is also a trustee and the chairman of this firm’s capital campaign. Lavin has also acknowledged a myriad of other philanthropic activities. Lavin is the president and the Director of The Sheba Foundation which is a family charitable organization.

The modern business world is full of young and vigorous entrepreneurs who have high hopes of transforming the markets with incredible and great ideas, products and services. Unfortunately, Most of them experience failure in their mission due to little of lack of knowledge and valuable management skills. However, their chance of failure has been reduced due to the new highly skilled and experienced entrepreneurs who have entered the market to scrutinize their views and insights to ensure that they are on the right track. Lavin is one of these great entrepreneurs. He has a posted an incredible reputation that has proved his expertise and skills in the entrepreneurship industry.

Sheldon Lavin is a specialist in large-scale financial operations that helps companies to stick to a sophisticated food supply chains via OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin keeps a record of a wide range of aspects in the business industry to successfully carry out these operations. Some of the factors that he usually considers are a shortage of resources, the consumer tastes, and preferences, as well as the technological changes and advancement. His impact has played a significant role towards the growth and development of the entrepreneurship. His contribution will never be forgotten.

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