October 10, 2018

Arizona Philanthropist and Futurist Jason Hope Gives SENs Foundation $500k To Support Anti-Aging Efforts

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In the world over, thousands of people who are super rich. Although their number is small compared to the poor, these wealthy people amass many assets some of which are not even known to them. Coincidentally, many of these rich people do not live to enjoy their wealth. Some die very young, leaving their wealth to others that did not work for it. Jason Hope, a renowned philanthropist and futurist from Arizona is different. The man is not only rich but also a caring person who does not hastate to help whenever necessary. You can find Jason Hope on Twitter @JasonHope for latest updates.

For many years, Jason has been vocal on issues that deal with the Internet of Things (IoT). According to Jason, now is the time when man should be ready to embrace technology to not only make life easy but also make it longer than it is. It is for this reason that Jason Hope initiated his aid to the SENS Foundation in support of the foundation’s quest to make life longer for many people. Jason Hope showed his commitment to his love for the IoT when he gave a donation of $500,000 in a Breakthrough Philanthropy ceremony held at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

The SENS Foundation was started in 2009. When Jason Hope gave his debut donation, the foundation had just completed one year. It is an established foundation that works towards finding quick and reliable solutions to ageing and age-related problems. The foundation works with researchers by helping them come up with programs and products that have the ability to reduce age-related complications and if possible, help increase the number of years a person lives. SENS has pioneered what is now called the SENS approach; a research program that is aimed at repairing a person’s living cells and other related materials ion the body in order to prevent ageing.

Jason believes that in the near future when the whole world will embrace the Internet of Things (IoT), life would be easy and longer. In recent years, Jason Hope has been heard advocating for the wider use of biotechnology even in areas that originally seemed impossible.

Jason is hopeful that the research work will bear fruits that will see human beings enjoy long and healthy life. If this research accomplishes the set target, then it will be one of the greatest in the history of human life. Jason is ready to have his name as one of those who supported the idea. Read more: https://ideamensch.com/jason-hope/

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