November 5, 2018

Paul Mampilly Talks Market Turns

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When it comes to giving advice as to what times are critical to making investments, Paul Mampilly is a go to. He called an inflection point on the market back in 2009 when stocks were selling extremely low. Sure of Paul Mampilly beliefs, he entered a competition with the Templeton Foundation. His hunch turned out to be correct and he made a 76% gain on his predictions.For Paul Mampilly, it’s focusing on the big picture that has led to his business success. He specializes in helping the American of Main Street in his position at Banyan Hill Publishing.

He knows that investing can be complicated, but it doesn’t need to just be limited to the big guys on Wall Street. Some of the topics that he specializes in for investing include technology, special opportunities, and growth investing.In 1991, Paul Mampilly began his career in Wall Street at Bankers Trust where he began as a portfolio manager. His talent was quickly noticed and he began to advance in the industry. Eventually, he was managing multimillion dollar accounts at companies such as ING. When Kinetics Asset Management hired him to their team he was put in charge of managing a hedge fund that he grew to $25 billion. During his time with the hedge fund, it was considered one of the best in the world for its returns annually.

Over the years, Paul Mampilly has seemed to have shown a knack when it comes to predicting big turns of the market. He warned people that 1999 would be the end of a huge bubble and most of the people that didn’t listen to his investing advice ended up losing a great deal of money during this time. The losses that some of these investors faced altered their lives permanently.Before the bubble busted, he had sold every stock that he had. While he may not have had any investments at the time, he watched as the stock market continued to climb. While he thought that at first, he may have been mistaken, Paul Mampilly was proven completely right about 2 years after he had made his business predictions.


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