November 30, 2018

CAOA’s History Under Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade’s Leadership

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CAOA is currently the largest automation manufacturing and distribution conglomerate in Latin America. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, a Brazilian businessman/ physician, is the current company Chairman of Board of Directors. He founded the conglomerate in 1979.

Forty years ago, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira visited a Campina Grande Ford dealership. He wanted a Ford Landau, so he made a pre-payment for it. The dealership would then go broke before delivering the car. Being a business minded person, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira proposed to get the bankrupt dealership as compensation for his vehicle. CAOA was born after completion of the deal.

The company’s references the initials of the businessman’s name. Six years after Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade formed CAOA, the company become Brazil’s largest Ford dealership. CAOA then quickly entered the Renault market as an importer after Brazil’s parliament enacted new vehicle importation laws. This move proved successful because Renault became #1 in the imported car sales category, with CAOA as its exclusive importer. The excellent Renault- CAOA relationship would end a few years later. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira’s company ceased being the licensed importer of Renault cars in Brazil.

In 1998, CAOA became exclusive importer of Subaru vehicles. Consequently, Subaru car sales tripled within a year. Next, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira’s company took over the importation of Hyundai vehicles. Following creative marketing by CAOA, the Hyundai brand became the most imported car band in the Brazilian market.

In 2007, CAOA inaugurated the CAOA Automobile Assembly S/A in Anápolis, Goiás. It was the first assembly point of Hyundai cars in Brazil. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira invested $600 million in completing the project. Due undertaking such a significant investment, renowned magazine IstoÉ Dinheiro named Carlos Alberto de Oliveira as ‘Entrepreneur of the Year in Industry.’

CAOA has many accolades. IstoÉ Dinheiro awarded the company the ‘Good doer Company’ prize because of its efforts to reforest the Brazilian Midwest and its waste reuse program. Other awards relating to Carlos Alberto de Oliveira and his company include:

  • Carpa Capital Magazine’s ‘Most Admired’ award
  • ‘Distributor of the Year’ by Hyundai’s parent company

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira transformed the Ford dealership into an international conglomerate. In 2015, CAOA inaugurated their CPEE (Centre for Research and Energy Efficiency). The centre focuses on new engine and vehicle research. Recently, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira partnered with China’s Chery. It is a move that will help both companies grow to greater heights.

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