December 9, 2018

Rebel Wilson’s Cats

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Pop sensation, Rebel Wilson is known for her amazing acting and singing alongside some of the top actors and actresses today. The Australian actress has been seen in ABC’s “Super Fun Night” and in all three Pitch Perfect movies. Wilson however, is best knows for the role as Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect series. She has been continuing her acting career, having set to appear in four movies in 2019 including Cats.

Wilson will portray Jennyanydots. Many other notable actors, singers and comedians include but not limited to: Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift, James Cordon, and Ian McKellen. Production started in late 2019, and is set to air in December of 2019. Read more: Stunning Transfprmation Rebel Wilson | The List and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

The story of cats is that a group of cats all are meeting at a ball. When the ball arrives, the leader of the group announces he must be reborn and essentially go to their version of Heaven, Heaviside. An old member of the group comes back and is shunned and shamed. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

When the others leave the ball she dances and sings stating she wishes she could be accepted by her own kind. What she does not know is that another member of the cats is watching and starts to feel sympathy for her. After this cat sees her dance and feels sorry for her, he is kidnapped and the plot soon continues.

In Cats, Wilson portrays Jennyanydots, an old cat that is grumpy and moody. She is very protective of her kittens and is as well considered lazy by her family. The character Munkustrap, sings a song titled “The Old Grumbie Cat” about Jennyanydots. Towards the end of the song, Jennyanydots is stripped to reveal a beautiful, brightly colored coat of fur.

Rebel Wilson is expected to receive tremendous reviews like she has in previous works and appearances. “Cats” as well is expected to do very well and have much success.

It’s release date even pushed back Universal’s “Wicked” release date that was originally set for the same day. Wilson has experienced much success in many movies and tv shows and has won numerous awards. Her work in “Cats” is expected to be just amazing and impactful to theater history.

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