December 13, 2018

Alastair Borthwick`s Biography.

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Alastair Borthwick was born in Rutherglen but brought up in Troon only to move to Glasgow where he went to high school in 1924. Five years later Alastair Borthwick secured a job at Evening times where he served as copy-taker. His determination contributed to him working at the Glasgow Weekly Herald where he edited various film pages including the letters to the editors. In case of any query from the reader, Borthwick was responsible for answering them. Later, Alastair became a reporter for some time before joining the radio broadcast team in 1934 where he served for almost 60 years.

Alastair served at various positions during World War two including leading the whole battalion to war. After the war, he lived at Jura before finally settling in South Ayrshire in 1960 with his wife and son Patrick.

Borthwick is well known for his tremendous talent as an author. He wrote various books including the prevalent one known as ‶ Always A little further‶ in his book Alastair recognizes the Scottish hills movement and explains its origin and aim. Alastair Borthwick was inspired by Wandervogel movement which was a unique way of hiking and exploring. The ‶ Wandervogel‶ movement became famous to many people across Northern Europe leading to the establishment of various associations for the young generation.

At times unemployment causes stress and desperation among many people, this was the case in the Clydebank Shipyards as many people did not have jobs. They decided to relieve their stress by participating in hiking which was free of charge.

Alastair was among the hikers during the weekends; he was determined to make himself a good life. He encouraged other unemployed middle-class people to have hopes and not to give up. Alastair built a longtime relationship with people like Berry Pickers who were in the movement. The movement inspired Borthwick to finish his book which he presented for printing. With the support of T.S Eliot the director at the publishing company Always A Little Further was published, and it became viral for since it was hilarious and explained clearly on how the hiking movement experiences.

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