December 14, 2018

Marc Beer Announces Millions in Funding for Women’s Health Startup

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It doesn’t take much for patients to feel overwhelmed when getting news about a new medical option and they’re expected to make decision whether they have information to help them decide. Often times they don’t. American venture Capitalist Marc Beer looks to addressing this with his latest startup, Renovia Inc. With tens of millions invested in the company, he has the resources to act on those plans. Learn more:


The company, stationed in Boston, has dedicated itself to diagnosing and addressing pelvic floor dysfunction, a problm tens of millions of women face each day. Renovia has made it its personal issue to making sure these women are able to be informed as patients and make decisions that inform the way they want to be treated medically. That mission got easier once Renovia got FDA approval for Leva, now it’s got $32 million to spend.


In order to secure funding, Beer had to seek out counsel. He tapped Ascension Ventures and Perceptive Advisers. They choose the Longwood fund for their interest in the healthhcare industry. After some convincing they were able to secure tens of millions for Renovia. With filled coffers, the company is looking forward taking to the market with four new products including the latest iteration of Leva.


Beer announced the $32 million in investments in a recent statement. He went on to to thank Longwood for their investment into the company and went on to say that Renovia is moving forward with moving its proprietary software and device to underserved areas of healthcare in ways that makes patients feel empowered to ask questions and make decisions about how to best address this common and debilitating disorder.


About Marc Beer:


Marc Beer is an American businessman from Boston. He attended Miami University (Ohio) where he joined the Business Advisory council. Once he had completed his studies, Beer entered the healthcare industry with a position at Abbott Laboratories. He worked in marketing and sales for the pharmaceutical division. He learned enough there to ascend to the position of Vice President for Genzyme, a company that works in identifying and outlining treatment options for uncommon diseases.


With a wealth of experience in business and a profound interest in healthcare as an industry, Beer was ready to start his own company. In 2007 he started ViaCell, harvesting and preserving stem cells from umbilical cords. Seven years passed and the company had grown to a team of 300. This attracted the attention of PerkinElmer who bought ViaCell in 2014. Beer held a CEO position at a second company before getting the urge to found another biotech venture. Beer stated Renovia Inc. in Boston, a biotech startup that diagnoses and outlines personalized treatment options for women suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction.


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