December 23, 2018

Meet The King Of Food Processing, OSI Group

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There are a few reasons why OSI Group is at the top of the food chain so to speak when it comes to the food processing industry. First off, they are one of the largest simply by there size and impact around the world today. OSI has more than twenty thousand employees around the world that help operate more than 60 different food centers. They also have a presence in almost 20 different countries and their food products make it into the hands of millions of people in over a hundred different countries. OSI Group is also a leader in the food industry because of their positive reputation as food processors. Not only do they maintain high standards and quality of food, but they are environmentally friendly and limit their impact as much as possible.

Despite the massive size of the corporation, they have been developing and using the latest technology in food processing in all of their facilities around the world. They have developed special ways to process large orders of food without impacting the local environments. These advancements didn’t come easy either. OSI Group has been working on their methods for food processing for more than 50 years. Now, they have good relationships with many companies around the world that buy their products, including prestigious and gourmet restaurants.

No food corporation looking to reach the top would stick to just one kind of food, which is why OSI Group has continued to expand on the food that they process in their facilities. As it stands, OSI manufactures a large number of meat products, including pork, beef, and poultry, which come in a variety of forms as well. OSI provides all kinds of steaks, meatballs, and burgers. They manufacture chicken nuggets, chicken strips, chicken meatballs, and a wide variety of different bacon products.

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