January 19, 2019

JD.com Works Together with Paramount and Hasbro

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JD.com has joined hands with Paramount and Hasbro for the celebration of the new Transformers Movie Bumblebee. It is an American science fiction film that features various celebrities that include Hailee Steinfeld, John Cena, Jason Drucker, and Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien.

About Bumblebee

In 1987, Charlie Watson (Hailee Steinfeld), a teen girl who is still trying to figure out her life, finds B-127 in a junkyard located in a small beach town in California. Having just crash-landed, he is alone and broken. Charlie revives and befriends him. She also gives him the nickname “Bumblebee.” Later, she realizes that he is not a regular yellow Volkswagen Beetle and that he has a more significant role to play on earth. Therefore, she bids him goodbye and decides to go back to her family; having made up with her brother Otis.

Jingdong and Hasbro

This is not the first time that JD.com has partnered with Hasbro. They previously joined forces in 2017; together with the TRANSFORMERS franchise. Their collaboration saw the release of Mission Red: a short film that features superhero characters Red Knight and Optimus Prime.

During this celebration, Jingdong held the “Super BUMBLEBEE Day” sales promotion that enabled over 300 million customers to buy Bumblebee movie-themed merchandise. They have also used various Bumblebee-themed designs on delivery boxes and vans in China.

About Jingdong

With their headquarters located in Beijing, JD.com is the largest e-commerce company in China. They provide one of the most fantastic online retail experiences. Customers can get various quality and authentic products through their website. They range from electronics and cosmetics to fresh foods and kitchenware. Their prices are consumer-friendly, and delivery is fast and dependable.

Another thing that makes the firm great is its in-person payment options, which are convenient. Their customer services are understandable. They are committed to ensuring that you are satisfied through their nationwide fulfillment infrastructure as well as efficient delivery networks. Their employees are trained, disciplined and dedicated to providing nothing short of excellent services.

For science-fiction and action movie fans, Jingdong has a great film for you: Bumblebee. The movie has received positive reviews from many critics. Some have even referred to it as the greatest Transformer’s franchise installment.

Contact JD.com: www.cnbc.com/quotes/?symbol=JD

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