February 3, 2019

Chamonix and Genucel Help with Self-Esteem of Women

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Abuse of any kind can cause a lot of harm to someone well after the abuse happened. Violence towards the self and lowered self-esteem and self-worth are common symptoms that people do not think about when dealing with abuse victims. Self-care can do a lot to help abuse victims feel better.

There are many different routines that have been recommended by survivors of abuse as well as mental health professionals that could help. One of the most common treatments is called self-affirmations, which include reminding themselves of their worth, love, and beauty. While many struggle with this when they first start, it is proven to work if it is kept up and repeated everyday. Self-worth can be improved by living a healthy life style with exercise and proper hygiene routines. A great way to work through emotions is to channel them into art and other creative expressions. Focusing on the health and wellness of ones body is essential for many survivors. That is why Genucel was created to provide women with health care products to help them feel better and better their routine. Genucel provide beauty bags to Women Aware.

Women Aware is an organization that is located in New Jersey. It was created to help battered families in the area, which has the largest ratings of domestic abuse victims. New Jersey has some kind of domestic abuse about every seven minutes. While men and women suffer from abuse, woman are the main victims of abuse and need more help with bouncing back from their abuse. Women Aware was created in 1981, and they help women by providing food, shelter, and recovery. In order to raise money to help these abused women, a race, Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Race & Charity Walk, was created to raise awareness and money to continue the program. Read more about Genucel on accesswire.com.



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