February 14, 2019

Founder of CVC Guilherme Paulus welcomes the New Minister, Marcelo and Praises Lummertz for his work

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Founder of GJB, Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian hotelier and a global entrepreneur. During the Itaipu Golf club, in an interview with M & E, the businessman appreciated the work of Vinicius Lummertz, the current minister while welcoming the new Minister of Tourism, Marcelo Alvaro.

Guilherme further extended his support to Marcelo stating that he is skilled and experienced in his work and knows how to perform his responsibilities as a minister. As a minister, Marcelo would be representing the tourism industry in full support to the largest global bodies in the world. Guilherme also commented that Marcelo’s first step would be to establish good connections with them.

He also praised Vinicius Lummertz for his hard work and rapid decision-making skills. In addition, Guilherme commented that Lummertz is an expert in his field and he has worked so hard for all these years and suffered a great number of setbacks as a minister. He further added how Lummertz had proved himself as the best minister over the years, and they would be expecting the same amount of passion and hard work from Marcelo too setting aside all the setbacks that Marcelo wouldn’t be facing as the new minister.

Guilherme also supported the maintenance of the Ministry of Tourism by remarking its significance over all the areas of the sector. Find out more about Paulus at terra.com

Itaipu Golf Cup

The Itaipu Gold Cup was the last leg of the Iguassu Golf Tour that took place on Saturday. The exclusive golf courses of the Wish Foz fo Iguacu resort are specially designed for games and were the leading ground where the games happened. Guilherme Paulus also honored the event with his presence as the final stage of the event was held at the GJP resort.

He celebrated the event with a great amount of zeal and zest as he expressed about his sentiments towards the event and its scope. It was a great event, and the resort did an amazing job in uniting all the experts to participate in the championship.

Lastly, Guilherme Paulus praised the golf course as being one of the unique additions to the resort at Wish. He further stated that the golf course is accompanied by millions of people from all over the world and not just only Brazilians.

As representatives of the tourism industry, Guilherme Paulus and his team plan to expand their business worldwide and attract as many customers as possible.

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