March 12, 2019

Sussex Healthcare, the Best Independent Healthcare

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Sussex Healthcare is a private company which was founded in March 1998 by Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani and is still in operation to date in Sussex County. Sussex Healthcare headquarter is based in the European Union (EU). The company main goal is to be the best service providers of care to the old, people suffering from dementia and to those who need specialized care through their expert team and services offered. They help users of their services to live a normal life by the support of highly trained nurses as well as engaging them in other activities that contribute to enhancing their conditions. It is the only independent healthcare that provides high-quality services to its users in the United Kingdom. See more on

Sussex Healthcare is more than just a home and places where individuals are really comfortable and where there are provided with unique care as compared to other health care centres and for this reason, Sussex Healthcare emerges the best independent home care in all places located in the United Kingdom. It recognises leisure, social interactions and entertainment activities as part of good health in individuals. Each home ensures that individuals gain all-round services and that they engage in activities which contribute to improving their health conditions. Individuals are helped to select activities based on their interests as well as their abilities and each one of them is encouraged to participate. They are able to access trained chefs who provide well-balanced meals food from the good quality ingredients acquire.

Sussex Healthcare makes sure that their homes are able to provide the most comfortable environments and safest to the best of their abilities as per the services they are trusted to provide by users. This enhances their social interactions with other people, emotional satisfaction and physical fitness. These homes offer other different therapies which include massage and other physical therapies whenever an individual asks for any.

Their homes have a great IT team who manages all the equipment at these homes and the administration manage user accounts. They are always ready and quick to help whenever a problem occurs. They help the staff make videos for training to enhance their ability to react to their customer’s issues.

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