March 23, 2019

Lessons for aspiring real estate investors from Nick Vertucci

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Nick Vertucci is a business mogul and an entrepreneur specializing in real estates. He founded Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy to help him pass his experiences and life lessons to aspiring real estate investors across United States, a venture that turned out to be a great success. Besides being the founder, Nick is also the current CEO of the real estate academy (NVREA). The institution seeks to help new investors to learn from the best in the industry. He reveals that real estate ventures helped him pay off his financial liabilities and attain financial freedom. As an investment mogul, he is driven by an investment philosophy that allows him to let go of the past and focus his efforts on making the future better. The philosophy helped him overcome the financial struggles he faced after his computer accessories business collapsed and made it possible for him to create a viable real estate business.

As an experienced business entrepreneur and investor, Nick attributes his success to his boldness and ability to take calculated risks throughout his entrepreneurship journey. He believes that his ability to take calculated risks and his hard work and determination was necessary for his success and overcoming the different challenges he has faced over the years. To ensure that he became a successful entrepreneur, he needed proper information on how to maneuver in the business.

The real estate training was necessary and an integral part of Nick’s success because it equipped him with the knowledge that helped him venture and succeed in the real estate business. Once he graduated, the entrepreneur identified an investment opportunity in single family homes. He invested cash in buying old single-family units that he could renovate and then resell at a profit. This approach ensured that he had a breakthrough in real estate. With time, other investors joined him by investing funds into his company.

Like any investor, Nick Vertucci wanted to diversify his revenue streams and protect himself against potential future risks in his business. As a result, he founded Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA), an institution that train people aspiring to invest in real estate across the country and beyond. He has also ventured into the media industry and founded a radio show known as ‘The Real Estate Investing Hour’. The two business ventures helped Nick increase his revenue streams and gave him the platform to share his experiences and knowledge to upcoming real estate investors across the country.

Nick Vertucci’s advice to entrepreneurs is that they should focus on building the segment of their businesses that is generating income. He ensures that he has set goals that must be implemented every day, week, month, and year in order to remain successful in the present and in the long run. To turn an idea into a successful business venture, Nick follows four steps: see it, believe it, map it, and eventually execute it.

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