March 27, 2019

Mark Holyoake Interest in Health

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Mark Holyoake is a successful business leader who lives in London. Throughout his career, he has done an excellent job finding investment opportunities. After graduating from college, he started working at a large company in London. He enjoyed the work, and he received several promotions early in his career. He saved a large portion of his income each month. With his savings, he decided to start a business.

First Business

Mark’s first business was a real estate company. It took nearly a year of hard work for the company to become profitable. Mark acquired dozens of properties in Europe during this time. After several years of investing, he had enough monthly income from his investments to retire. Instead of retiring, Mark shifted his focus to investing in small businesses.

Fishing Company

The fishing industry in Europe is going through various changes. The vast majority of small fishing companies are out of business. It is less expensive for consumers to purchase fish harvested in Asia than in Europe. As a result, European fishing companies lose sales each year.

Mark decided to invest in a fishing company from Iceland. The company was on the verge of collapsing, but Mark had multiple ideas to improve the company. With a significant cash investment, he became one of the leaders of the business. Within a few months, the company was profitable again. Mark plans to maintain his stake in the fishing company for the foreseeable future.


When he was young, Mark worked long hours each day and never focused on his health. As he got older, Mark had to deal with various health issues. In London, there are few healthy eating options for people to choose from. Mark decided that he wanted to make it easier for other people to eat healthy food. He purchased a cafe in London, and he decided to start selling healthy food options in the cafe. The business idea was a huge success. Mark plans to replicate this idea throughout Great Britain.

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