March 29, 2019

Gustavo Martinez

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Gustavo Martinez is a marketing guru with a vast knowledge of the business. He has worked with big firms in the marketing industry and has a track record of helping marketing agencies make profits. Gustavo has been in the industry for over 35 years and, therefore knows the best approaches to business. Gustavo worked with J. Walter Thompson Worldwide as their CEO.

Thompson Worldwide is a huge marketing firm that is recognized by all and the fact that Gustavo served as their CEO shows how great his work is. Gustavo shared some knowledge during an interview, and this is what he had to say.

First, Gustavo believes that consultancy is a huge part of advertising and has been that way for over a century. Gustavo says that the vital tool in an advertising agency is creativity and without creativity, there is no agency.

People with the highest level of creativity are in demand in a marketing agency, and these people come up with the best ideas independently. These ideas are then shaped into amazing ads by a team of workers. Since the creative people work alone and a consultant is an independent worker, consultancy is part of marketing.Gustavo is trying to help startups stay afloat by providing them with information that will help them understand their customers better. Read more about him here:  Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

Startups often fail in the first three years of business due to weak growth strategies and Gustavo is working to avoid this. He has partnered with UV Business Acceleration and Massive Data Heights. The latter is an intelligence firm that studies reviews from consumers and transforms the reviews into profitable business and marketing insights. Gustavo loves to work a lot, and when he is not traveling for business meetings, he is crammed up in his office in some project.

Gustavo believes that diversity in backgrounds is what yields the best ideas as each person brings something different to the table. He, therefore, ensures that his team members are from different cultures and backgrounds and that they have diversity in their thoughts. This is what enables his company to produce the best ads and products in the market.

Gustavo also ensures to recognize the efforts of every team member to motivate them to work harder. Gustavo loves to listen to ideas from different people and makes a point of making them feel worthy. He is generous to everybody and believes that everybody’s opinions matter.

These are a few attributes that set him apart from his peers. Gustavo Martinez advises entrepreneurs to be patient in whatever they do as success does not come immediately but takes time. He also tells them to be open to learning new thing from other people. Gustavo Martinez is charitable and does it out of kindness and not to gain any social status.

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