April 2, 2019

Reviews on Dr Jennifer Walden’s Practice

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Dr. Jennifer L. Walden is formally trained in cosmetic surgery and has been Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery as a Plastic Surgeon. In Austin, she has a medical spa and a large cosmetic surgery practice along with another medical spa at NW Hills. She also has a medical spa in Manhattan. One 5-star review says that her last doctor was suboptimal and after finding Dr Jennifer Walden Reviews it was night and day. After having fat transferred to her breasts along with having a rhinoplasty she loves all the work that was done. Dr. Walden being intuned with her patients’ wants and needs really do go a long way.

Not to mention the way she is meticulous and a perfectionist and her work shows that. Another 5-star review says that after having Botox several times by two different people shows that her team is great. They are always on time and professional. Another 5-star review talks about how her experience getting a laser and chemical peel was great. She goes on to say that the Lola gave her very sincere advice. A 4-star review says that Putri, a dermatologist, has given her more advice and information in one appointment then the many doctors she has been to over the 12 years of having acne and scaring.

A registered nurse of over 20 years has given a 4.8-star review saying that her breasts exceeded her expectations after her augmentation and lift. She found Dr. Walden and her staff personable and professional. Since she needed a tummy tuck also, she stayed overnight and was impeccably cared for. One last 4-star review says that the staff is direct and during the consult, Dr. Walden gave them any needed information and a quick estimate that they agreed with. Her office is like a well-oiled machine. Learn More.

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