April 3, 2019

An Interview with Edwin Miranda, a Celebrated Business Administrator, and Manager

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Edwin Miranda is a seasoned marketing expert, business administrator, and entrepreneur. He has helped several businesses to outwit their competitors. Also, the administrator has managed several marketing agencies based in the United States for over 20 years.

At present, Miranda manages KOI IXS, an innovative agency that uses modern technology to market their clients’ businesses. It serves thousands of small organizations, mid-size companies, and large corporations.

What inspired him to start KOI IXS?

According to an interview posted on interview.net, Edwin Miranda started his company with a mission of transforming the marketing sector. Unlike traditional marketing agencies, KOI IXS collaborated with seasoned thinkers and brand strategists to formulate effective marketing solutions.

“Our innovative solutions give clients a sharp edge in today’s competitive business sector,” says Miranda.

How does Edwin Miranda’s career day look like?

Edwin Miranda’s day starts at around 5 am. The marketer wakes up, replies to new emails, works out for 30 minutes, and he takes his breakfast. After making breakfast, Miranda takes off to his office.


At his office, Miranda makes a schedule that outlines all the activities he would want to accomplish by the end of the day. “The activities on my regular to-do-list are aligned to my goals. The schedule lets me know what I have accomplished, and what I need to accomplish the next day,” says Miranda.

Besides the schedule, Miranda uses Fantastical 2, a time management app to organize his day. The app reminds him of his meetings, events, and any other significant activity he needs to complete.
How did he grow KOI IXS from a startup to a prominent agency?

Edwin Miranda says that collaboration is the primary strategy that helped him grow his business. “Collaboration is an excellent way to grow a business. It gives you the freedom to delegate tasks to likeminded people,” says Miranda.

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