April 8, 2019

Jeremy Goldstein Hosts Annual Fte at Fountain House

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Jeremy Goldstein has long been respected across New York City in a few different industries. As the partner and founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, he’s worked with top-level management in a variety of different areas to help with their legal needs. The majority of this has been in the likes of executive compensation and corporate governance matters; Mr. Goldstein is also particularly well-known for handling legal issues surrounding transformative corporate events and sensitive situations. Because of this, not only has he built up a reputation for discretion, he’s also become known as a reliable innovator and strategic thinker in the area.



Throughout this time, Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in a variety of high-profile cases and sales. Some of the most notable of these include the likes of the acquisition of eviCore by Express Scripts; the acquisition of Truven Health Analytics by IBM; Westlake/Axiall, and much more. However, Mr. Goldstein isn’t just known for his professional life; over the past several years, he’s become increasingly well known for his philanthropic efforts, of which there are quite a few. One of the most significant of these has been Fountain House, which Jeremy Goldstein has supported for several years. He’s also gone on to become co-chair of the charity. The non-profit focuses on providing mental health services to those in need, while also increasing mental health awareness and advocacy across New York City. One of the more recent Fountain House events that Mr. Goldstein has involved in has been the Eleventh Annual Fountain House Fall Fête.



Jeremy Goldstein hosted the event, which also praised the accomplishments that sports announcer and mental health activist Mauro Ranallo has had in recent years. Mr. Ranallo was recently the focus of the documentary Bipolar Rock ‘N’ Roller and has helped bring mental health issues to light not only in New York City, but across the United States and beyond. This was something that Mr. Goldstein was proud to be a part of; his involvement with the charity itself has also been a significant source of personal pride for him. Jeremy Goldstein first got involved with Fountain House because of the programs it has that helps get people back on their feet. Mr. Goldstein has also noted that the charity has a lasting positive impact on those suffering from serious mental illness.



Speaking about the charity, he also noted that he and the charity both share in the belief that there’s no substitute for caring, especially when people are in need. Because of that, Jeremy Goldstein has been involved with Fountain House in any way he could for the past several years. With this, as well as the support of others, the charity has been able to make a positive impression on countless peoples’ lives.


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