April 19, 2019

Rebel Wilson Finally Talks About Her Transformation Journey

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Rebel Wilson is a well- known and talented actress who comes from Australia. Rebel is not only in the acting industry but also an author and also a producer.

Having been born in the year 1980 Wilson went ahead and built her acting career from the Australian Theater for Young People. Immediately after she was dome with her education she started appearing in different shows and films.

Rebel has participated in various programs such as The Bogan Pride and the Wedge. Wilson has received numerous awards which come as a result of her focus and determination. Some of the awards she has received over the years in her acting career are as follows; the Best Breakthrough Performance award and the best actress award.

Rebel Wilson acknowledges that she underwent a good transformation in her life that left her as a totally different person. The transformation was the source of her career today and she really feels good that she is no longer the shy little girl she was before her mum took her for the acting classes without her knowledge. Rebel Wilson is now a woman full of confidence and also down to earth.

These values have enabled her to win the hearts of her millions of fans all over the world. Wilson is far much focused and also determined to making her dreams in life come true. Rebel Wilson was brought up in Australia in a family that consisted of her mother and father together with her three siblings by the names Ryot, Liberty and Annachi. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter and Isn’t Romantic Review

Her mother accompanied her to an acting class and promised to pick her later. At first, she was afraid of getting out of the car and resisted by holding on to the car door. She was forced to get used to the environment and she therefore decided to join the debate clubs.

She also recognizes her high school teacher who also played a vital part in Wilson’s transformation journey. She also started participating in various competition during the school days and this helped in boosting her confidence levels.

Rebel Wilson also confesses that at the beginning nobody believed including her family but they finally saw her potential and began supporting her. Despite her participation in Hollywood, Rebel Wilson has not yet taken it seriously to get the American citizenship.

She says that she counts herself as a lucky woman for being given an opportunity to perform comedy in Hollywood. She admits that working as a lady more so in a field that is mainly dominated by men is a very tedious task. It therefore requires hard work, commitment and believing in oneself. You also have to prove that you have a distinguishable talent.

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