April 24, 2019

A “Performance” Prediction by Edwin Miranda

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What the consumer is thinking can be uncovered with the right data. There are simple questions that a marketer must ask. The answers are often found in an emerging product, and finding a way to speak about it is key. Such is what the XOI IXS team achieves. Edwin’s team is a group of writers and designers; many are also developers who package ideas into attractive ads.

Predictive marketing is the strategy, and it makes use of consumer data when creating sales solutions. The art combines machine learning with data mining. Edwin Miranda has started his own revolution by showing us how predictive marketing is done. His standards are built on:


  • Statistics: Holding to the facts is important. Some see predictive marketing as if a “blind prediction” of the future. The XOI IXS team relies on outcomes instead. When buyers have bought 3-million newspapers, for example, with orders placed for 1-million more, then this gives us clear data to work with. The prediction is then in the facts.


  • Patterns: There’s a risk—of finding the data you need while being unable to interpret it. The data society, its endless facts and its fast trends have to be deciphered. Patterns are key to making the most out of what you get. Edwin’s agency stands where few firms have, and his work will only highlight the important details.


  • History: History paints a picture of the same conditions that also exist today. We can rely on these historic perspectives. Doing so builds a foundation for the most likely outcome and a target to aim for.


  • Testing: Great ideas, no matter what they achieve, are useless unless we can measure them. Testing allows Edwin to see the outcome of a strategy before investing into it.


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