April 27, 2019

Steve Lesnard on Successful Product Introduction

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Marketing of new products has recently been transformed to foreign and changing trends by commonly and widely used social media and digital platforms. The use of social media and digital platforms to promote the marketing of new products is highly beneficial despite the probability of being counterproductive in the event of unbalanced leveraging. Successful brands always have their top most priority to be placing their consumers’ needs first before anything else. Introducing new products into the market, if successful, records remarkable benefits that complement consumers with an added value. Steve Lesnard advises on two key main principles that help in successful implementation of a new brand product in the market.

First, product marketing should be kept as simple as possible, in purpose of it being memorable. New product introduction, should clearly outline the benefits to the consumer and specify on what preferences are foreign and mostly preferred. Simplification of product introduction makes the product team base their work on innovative and amicable communication features. A successful brand such as Apple, marketing their famously known iPod, based their marketing campaign on the possible advantages and benefits of the product to the consumers. At a time, the communication industry was globally in competition for technical supremacy, Apple’s strategy was based on emotion and basic simplicity.

Another successful brand, Peleton, a Fitness industry company, provided their consumers with a product they referred to as Private Indoor Cycling Studio straight to their homes. Prior to their traditional premium product, a spinning bike, the fitness firm innovated their consumer preferences and experience. Steve Lesnard’s other key principle for successful product introduction is to successfully implement the brand product in faith of it being real to the consumers. This principle is based on the experience of the consumer. Once a brand’s storyline is successful in terms of clarity, the next step is to bring the product to life.

Lesnard discloses that the best innovative features are made possible by the use of social media and digital platforms within the correct context, and the ability and the opportunity to integrate a consumer testimony within the brand’s storyline.

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