May 7, 2019 Brings Tokaj Sweet Wine to China

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Hungarian winery Grand Tokaj is coming to China. The largest purveyor of sweet wines in the Tokaj-Hegyalia region brokered a deal with retail monster to bring its famous sweet wines to Chinese markets. The deal is a beneficial to both companies as it gives Tokaj a new playing field and gets a product that already has demand. Recent analytical studies conducted by JD show that Chinese consumers like imported wine. So JD is giving it to them.

Tokaj is a special winery as it produces sweet wines created through a process called noble rot. This is where the grapes used to make the wine are raisined partially. The wines coming from Tokaj are quite popular including their flagship Tokaji-Aszu. The company like many before it has been looking for a way to expand into China and JD is the way to do it. Serving over 300 million consumers is a master of the Chinese market. It is more than equipped to help Tokaj navigate the complexities involved and get their product to the people who want it. has a solid reputation for customizing products for sale in Chinese markets. It uses its knowledge to give outside companies insight into success. As such it has been able to expand its range for commodities through beneficial partnerships. Since its release Tokaj’s wines have already nabbed some profit. Over 1,000 bottles of Tokaji-Aszu were purchased in the first ten hours of the product coming available on

About was founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong way back in 1998. Originally it had no aspirations to going online. The company first surfaced as a chain of storefronts selling electronics. However, when SARS hit China and kept everyone indoors Qiangdong used his computer skills to take the company digital. It has taken off ever since.

The company is now worth billions of dollars and operates on a global scale. It serves Australia, Asia, and Europe. is also known for its use of technology. They facilitate the use of automation in their factories and delivery services, are at the forefront of commercial drone delivery, and also use the latest and greatest in software.

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