Bumble and the Power of Relationships

If you’re curious about Whitney Wolfe, she is the Chief Executive Officer, and Founder of Bumble, an online location-based dating app, that is in direct competition with Tinder. In fact, Bumble is second only to Tinder, in terms of high grossing Apple downloads, which is not surprising considering that Whitney Wolfe is the former co-founder of Tinder. Unlike Tinder, however, Bumble is designed to empower women who are actively seeking relationships or simply want to date on their own terms. Bumble has been hailed as a breath of fresh air in the dating world; the app completely reverses gender roles by allowing women to initiate contact first.

Whitney Wolfe attended Southern Methodist University, where she majored in International Relations; prior to earning her degree, she had already started three businesses, most notably a non-profit organization aimed at helping those impacted by the BP oil spill of 2010. Whitney’s success in this endeavor, along with her success with Tinder and Bumble, clearly showcases her entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen.

When it came time to market Bumble as a women-centric dating app, Whitney knew exactly how to go about generating users; she shared the app with female college students at multiple campuses, and after enough women signed up, more and more men began trickling in. Needless to say, this strategy was a tremendous success; currently, Bumble averages 10 billion swipes per month. Additionally, Bumble as has matched 800 million people, looking for a significant other.

Although helping people establish a romantic connection is Bumble’s main focus; the company is also interested in helping establish platonic relationships as well, which explains “Bumble BFF.” This new subsidiary is predicated on building friendships among women.

Bumble has grown from 35 employees to over 70, since being founded in 2014 and has relocated its headquarters from Silicon Valley to Austin, Texas. Recently Bumble has announced plans to broaden its horizon by introducing a professional networking service; according to architecturaldigest.com, Bumble will be launching “Bumble Bizz,” which allows male and female users to connect with each other, for the purpose of networking. This new concept is revolutionary, in that it provides a platform for exchanging ideas, while also providing hiring opportunities, which is very similar to the social networking site Linkedin.

It’s probably safe to say that Bumble is destined for great things, and with Whitney Wolfe’s leadership, Bumble will soon become the go-to site for all kinds of relationships.

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An Overview of the Risks on Teachers and Students in Education and DACA

Arizona is staring at a huge problem in the education sector after leaders refused to invest properly in it. Arizona comes at the bottom of the pile in as far as vital metrics like teachers’ salaries and spending per pupil is concerned. The state of Arizona is facing a shortage of teachers and the situation could get worse soon.

Teachers are leaving the profession due to lack of the necessary economic and general support. Arizona is facing a shortage of 1,328 teachers this year alone, and a majority of these vacancies are being filled by persons who have not met the threshold of all teaching standards.

Recent Report

According to a recent report released by the Morrison Institute of Arizona State University, about 42 percent of all teachers hired in the state in 2013 quit the profession inside three years. About 74% of all school administrators in Arizona that participated in the survey claimed that their institutions were faced with shortage of teachers. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/

The survey also realized that an elementary school teacher in Arizona is the least paid in the whole nation. High school teachers in the state also took home the second last pay out of all the 50 states. The report stated that the situation was grave among the rural communities. School administrators based in the rural areas revealed that hiring new teachers was very difficult.

Effects of the End of DACA

Immigrant rights organizations have made reports concerning the ending of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program having a negative effect on the teaching profession in the U.S. and Arizona in particular.

The program protects youth immigrants from being deported from the U.S. A large number of the DREAMers opted to serve their country by attending school, becoming educators and then working via a two-year permit issued by DACA. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Angel.co

The educators did this mostly in the schools and communities they got their education. Ending this program will see the United States lose approximately 20,000 educators, a large number of whom are bilingual from March 6, 2018.

In Arizona alone, about 1,000 beneficiaries of DACA are teachers or are employed in education-related posts according to the Migration Policy Institute. It might not seem like they are sufficient but they are part of the educators who return to the schools they schooled in and help in teaching the children despite the limited resources.

The country seems like it is dismissing this great bunch of educators instead of rewarding them. This will have detrimental effects on the students as well as this is not the way investing in the future or education is done.

About Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was established by journalists Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey to offer support to Arizona-based migrant rights organizations. The duo received $3.75 million as settlement for being wrongfully arrested by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio on October 18, 2007.

The duo was arrested at night after they revealed that there were grand jury proceedings against the Sheriff. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund supports organizations that advocate for human, civil and migrant rights as well as civic participation and freedom of speech in Arizona.

The Successful Career Life of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a prominent business leader. She is widely respected for the achievements she has earned in her endeavors. Lori attributes the accomplishments to her early life. She says that her elder siblings succeeded well in life and this motivated her to work harder. Her determination and innovation skills have played a vital role in her success.

Lori’s Career life

Senecal studied sales and marketing at the university. Soon after her graduation, she ventured in formal employment where she turned out to be a brilliant business leader. Her innovative mind of turning everything she came across into a success made her famous among the employers. She has worked for numerous prestigious companies in different positions. Some of these companies include Xbox, Staples, Nestle, Applebee’s among others.

Lori has a wealth of expertise in the management of multinational account and data analytic skills. These skills earned her senior management positions in global companies. She served as the global accountant director for Coca-Cola company for several years. Senecal served as the CMO for DDB worldwide communication but was later promoted to lead the entire sales and marketing division. She later served as the accountant management director and the executive vice president of McCann worldgroup. Checkout GCReport to see more.

In 2014, Lori Senecal was appointed to serve as both the director and CEO of MDC Partners Inc. In March 2015, Senecal was elected as the global CEO of Crispin Porter and Bogusky company. The same year, she was named as the director of the advertising council Inc.

Lori Senecal Greatest Achievements

Lori Senecal has worked with many notable companies in all her career life. Her outstanding performance has earned her numerous awards. In 2013, during the AWNY game changer awards, Lori won the Quantum Leap Award for her innovative and remarkable leadership skills. The following year, she was entitled as the woman to watch in the industry and world of advertising. Recently, Lori was recognized by Fast Company as the most creative people in business in 2017.

Senecal is a respected woman globally for her ability to grow companies within a short period. Her ability to motivate employees to work hard for the growth of their company has fascinated many people. She succeeds because she always put the success of her company first. She recently spoke at 3% conference.

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The OSI Groups 100 year history and road to global competition

Out of all the Fortune 100 companies in America, one of the least frequently mentioned is OSI group. Founded more than 100 years ago, OSI group has built a globally competitive food service company that built its empire by combining modern technology and the latest techniques with the classic principles they were founded on.

OSI group’s success becomes obvious once you understand their first major client. OSI got in on the ground floor in 1955 by being the hamburger patty supplier for Ray Kroc and his new franchise restaurant McDonald’s. With nothing more than a handshake, Otto Kolschowsky and Ray Kroc formed what would become one of the most stable and profitable long-term business partnerships of all time.

As McDonald’s grew and expanded across the country OSI group became one of over 150 different suppliers. For many, this would be considered a big success, but this wasn’t the case for CEO Sheldon Lavin. Impressed by modern cryogenic technology and automation, Sheldon Lavin made a bold move and invested heavily into these technologies.

This technological advantage made it possible for them to ship their products Coast to Coast, all while keeping prices lower than all of their competitors. Much like how Ray Kroc only trusted Otto Kolschowsky, Sheldon Lavin was able to instill the same amount of trust, prompting McDonald’s to make OSI group the sole provider for McDonald’s. Since then OSI group has become the 58th largest company in America with annual revenue over 6.1 billion dollars per year.

OSI group may look to the future in terms of technology and innovation, but their business practices follow much more classic approach. For other companies that try to stay innovative management tends to be a revolving door. This is not the case at OSI group; Sheldon Lavin has managed the company for more than fifty years and is directly responsible for much of the growth.

The stability doesn’t apply to just management. OSI group stands out as an industry leader in employee retention at all levels as well. This is the result of the family-oriented environment that has been part of the company philosophy since Otto Kolschowsky started over a hundred years ago.

It may seem almost impossible to expand beyond being the number one meat provider to the number one hamburger restaurant in the world, OSI group has successfully begun expanding its operations overseas. Time will tell if they can bring the same growth formula and family environment to a brand new country and a completely different culture.

To know more visit @: www.foodworks.pl/en/osi-group-en.html

Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Shares Tips on Following Your Calling

Lime Crime founder Doe Deere is such an innovator in the beauty industry it almost feels shameful to use such a buzzword like “innovator.” Instead, I will use the word that fans have dubbed her – she’s a true Unicorn. In fact, her Lime Crime fans call her the Queen of the Unicorns.


To Doe Deere and her brand Lime Crime a unicorn is someone who isn’t afraid to boldly stand out from the rest. A unicorn bares its sparkling horn and bright pink (or whichever color inspires you) mane and flies boldly away from the herd. That is exactly what she wants Lime Crime fans to feel like when they apply her gorgeous shades of lipsticks, hair products, eyeshadows, highlighters and more. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/doedeere


When she started Lime Crime, it was basically to appease her personal sense of style. She wanted bright colors to express herself and she demanded nothing less than the highest quality. There was no such beauty collection on the market at the time that offered those two things, so she decided to found a new line of beauty products. And so Lime Crime was born. However, instead of a niche following, women across the world went crazy for the bright colors and amazing textures that Lime Crime provided. From lipsticks to eyeshadows, highlighters to hair products, women love expressing themselves with Lime Crime beauty products.


When she first founded Lime Crime, the bright purples, deep blues and bold reds may have been a shock to many. It was in the age of nude and completely subtle makeup that didn’t suit Doe Deere’s love of everything colorful and wonderful. Yet, it didn’t really matter because Lime Crime fans soared into the triple digits early on and those fans became true brand advocates for Lime Crime.


She always wanted Lime Crime to be a digital company before it focused on being in retail locations. She admits in a recent article that being a mainly digital company has both advantages and challenges. While she enjoys the immediate feedback that is available through social media challenges it also opens up the door for people who are generally unhappy to use her products to vent in an anonymous sector. However, she noted that the positive feedback she receives from fans across the world along with their pictures of themselves wearing her products is what truly makes her heart soar.


Lime Crime continues to grow and like the buzzword I considered using earlier, it truly is an innovator. The company is beloved by millions of fans. Doe Deere has shared her message for women who want to follow their dreams loud and clear. She says that if you have a calling inside you – follow it. The idea of a company selling wildly colored lipsticks may have been seen as unfeasible at its founding, yet now it is one of the most desireable products out there with a fanbase that is growing every day. She encourages people to never shy away from that little voice inside you telling you “this is your calling.” Learn more: http://www.doedeere.com/


Desiree Perez – A Force to be Reckoned with in the Entertainment Industry

The majority of people would probably say that men dominate leadership roles in most industries. However that role has been rapidly changing, and women are now breaking the glass ceiling.

The entertainment industry is no different and a new female face is on the scene – Desiree Perez. She is one instinctively talented woman that has managed to work her way up through the ranks to gain her roles as a talent manager, producer, negotiator, entrepreneur and a highly successful business woman.

The force behind many of the superstars is Desiree. “Jay-Z” Carter and Rihanna are among the many who credit all their success to her. Jay Z was able to evolve from a rapper to a highly successful business man with her guidance and expertise. Through her efforts, guidance and negotiations, she was able to help him manage and grow ROC Nation and RC Enterprises. She is now COO of ROC Nation. And his Live Nation has also received a new boost, a long term renewal all due to the exceptional talent of Desiree. He feels she is his secret weapon to all his success.

Desiree was able to negotiate a very successful collaboration between Samsung and Rihanna which resulted in Rihanna becoming a superstar entertainer and A-list performer. Desiree netted millions from it. Due to her success with Rihinna, she will continue to be her confidante and business advisor.

Even though it has been a tough journey to the top, Desiree has proven herself over and over many times with her resilience, her composure and her confidence in making highly critical decisions. Because of her success with ROC nation and how she handles the business, she continues to attract big name celebrities. Her reputation as a hard driving business woman insures all her clients that it will be a mutually satisfying business transaction and all will reap rewarding benefits.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/desiree-perez-0009a413a/

Review: Dr. Jennifer Walden & Her Pursuit of Excellence

When it comes to plastic surgery, the industry is full of professional individuals who specialize in this advanced field of work. Unfortunately, every individual doesn’t provide the same high-level of quality work. Dr. Jennifer Walden isn’t one of those plastic surgeons, and she has a remarkable resume of success. She also has copious amounts of satisfied and happy clients. Walden is the daughter of a surgical nurse and a dentist. Following in her parents’ professional footsteps have turned out to be a blessing as she has one of the most successful private practices in Texas. Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center is the name and creating works of art is the game.

This remarkable private practice is located in the Westlake Hills region of Austin, Texas. Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center provides great cosmetic work, and it is very ethical. The goal is to help people get their confidence back and what better way of achieving this than with cosmetic surgery? After graduating from Anderson High School, she obtained an undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Texas. Although she was waitlisted at the University of Texas Medical Branch, she would go on to graduate as the salutatorian of her class. Walden has spent up to seven years in New York City, and this is where she would obtain her fellowship. By 2011, she would move back to her home state to open her very own practice and more

Dr. Walden is the epitome of success, and she has grown into a great television personality. She has been hosted on shows such as Dr. 90210, ABC’s 20/20, VH1’s Plastic Surgery Obsession and on CBS’ The Early Show. This brilliant Austin, Texas, woman has changed the game of plastic surgery, and she has given inspiration to many women on a global scale.


Richard Mishaan Design Excellence in Career

It is no doubt that Richard Mishaan Design is one of the best designers in the entire United States of America. He has a firm in New York City that is characterized with nothing but top notch Architectural and interior design. Most people have come to know him for carefully combining vintage pieces to come up with the most lavish interior. He combines modern décor and ancient one to come up with an incredible piece. Richard Mishaan Design has been featured by renowned publishers such as Architectural Digest, Interior Design Magazine, and the Elle Décor.Richard Mishaan Design is responsible for making the interior décor of buildings such as Trump World Towers and Shelburne Hotel. Mr. Mishaan has more than 25 years of experience and pays particular attention to details to come up with elegant and stylish home interior design.

It’s hard to find furniture that combines functional and dynamic design. Richard Mishaan Design, however, has made this a reality. He majorly puts more stress on particular styles to come up with a beautiful electric room. He does not shy off from blending numerous colors, and the result is a room with vivid colors. Richard Mishaan Design has an understanding of luxury and quality.Richard Mishaan was born in Cartagena, Columbia. His inspiration to his career dates back to when he was young. Richard Mishaan joined the New York University for a BA in 1978. He later joined the Columbian University School. His incredible career began at Philip Johnson’s office where he was an apprentice. It is while here that he gained an extensive experience in fashion, interior design as well as architecture. People who have worked with Richard Mishaan have nothing but praise for his incredible work. He has written two books where he shares his knowledge on design and architecture.

The Guide To Choosing The Right Life Insurance

We all have our repudiated years that we think we should get back. We can’t get them back, just as we can’t get our life back. What we can do though is ensure that our future will somehow be in our hands.

What we can also do is avail of the right type of insurance today, so we won’t have to get our repudiated years full of regret. This aim of getting the right insurance would be something achievable with the help of Freedom Life Insurance.

According to the article posted in iii.org, it’s more accurate to say here that Freedom Life Insurance is the brand that offers some of the essentials, advanced tips and expert advice that answer the fundamental questions involved in choosing the right kind of life insurance today.

These types of life insurance that many firms offer today come in various terms and conditions. One of the conditions you may want to consider in choosing the right life insurance is Term Life. This type of insurance enables anyone to match the length of the policy in the preferred insurance with the amount of money invested to cover the budget that one needs the insurance.

This insurance arrangement is ideal for parents who want to ensure that their young children will get the funds required for their education in the future. Good thing these insurance programs get offered in the list of services that Freedom Life Insurance brings for everyone.

According to Crunchbase, Freedom Life Insurance of America, LLC serves to be a leader in providing people with various insurance options that answer problems involving annuities products, credit, and accidents. It would be hard to imagine a life without this protection available today.

Bloomberg has it that it won’t be that hard to trust the offers of Freedom Life in giving you the necessary insurance policies you need and in guiding you on how to pick the right life insurance that fits your preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Freedom Life operates with a mission of helping many people enjoy insurance policies that before were only for the very wealthy. Being a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group, Freedom Life is a company you can trust all the more.

The Richard Mishaan Design and What You Need to Know

The list of the world’s best designers and architects can never be complete without mentioning the name Richard Mishaan. This is so because Mr. Mishaan has managed to develop a great taste of architecture and interior design. He is popular for his amazing works of art and has become a darling to various art and design enthusiasts. Richard Mishaan is based in New York but was born and raised in Columbia. He shaped his skills at Columbia University and later on at the New York University.

Richard Mishaan started his career as an apprentice at the Philip Johnson’s offices. He has since then redefined architecture and design in his own way to bring the best to the lavish world. The deep cultural roots inform his understanding of extravagant and quality architectures and designs that he has. In 1991, Richard Mishaan started his own company that deals in luxury residential and commercial architecture, interior design as well as home accessories. He named this venture Richard Mishaan Design. Both residential and commercial customers today get their luxury designs from Richard Mishaan Design.

The exquisite quality delivered by this designer is best observed at St. Regis Hotel’s presidential suite. This reputation has rightfully positioned Mishaan on the A-list for the Décor for three consecutive years. No matter the change in design trends, Richard Mishaan Design has always maintained the lead in this industry.Even if, Richard Mishaan Design is timeless, the venture always stays ahead of its competitors. They embrace such styles like Art Deco, Rococo, Mid-Century Modern, Art Nouveau, or a combination of these styles. But even with these styles in place, Richard Mishaan always tries to bring out something that is unique, attractive and pleasing to the customers. The success of Richard Mishaan Design has had over the years is thus deserved.