Mike Baur Creates an Excellent Business Plan Model

Mike Baur is someone that has taken a lot of time to help so many entrepreneurs that are looking for an opportunity to build better businesses. He knows the elements that are involved in the process of building better businesses, and he is doing what it takes to give competitors a true advantage against the competition.


Many entrepreneurs have discovered that this is a helpful way to get ahead of the competition. There are a lot of business leaders that fail when they start up a business for the first time. What Mike Baur has managed to do is give customers access to the secrets of those successful entrepreneurs that have been able to find a balance in the business world. He has created many ways to coach entrepreneurs into success. A good idea for business is nothing more than an idea if a business leader doesn’t know how to pitch the idea.



That is the main reason that many business fail. There is not a proper pitch for any idea so the entrepreneur does not get the proper funding for the business. When the funding is not good the business can be doomed from the start because this will also affect marketing. What Mike Baur has done is give people access to a plethora of resources that can help them train for the process of asking venture capitalists for money.


He has become successful in the field of fund raising, and he also has experience in the banking industry. These are things that have allowed him to give people all types of advice about how they can acquire loans for their businesses. He has been successful in the banking industry, but this is not something that he was passionate about. That is why he made a decision to transition from banking into his role with the Swiss Startup Factory.


The great thing about using a company like this is that there is a road map for the unexpected. People do not have to worry about how they are going to deal with unforeseen issues. With the consultants for the Swiss Startup Factory business owners have access to all the issues that might occur in the start of a new business. They are better prepared for the challenges when they have been mentored by those leaders that have taken time to groom new business leaders in the ways of business.


Lacy & Racy Lingerie Company Honey Birdette Plans Extensive Development

The scintillating Australian based women’s intimates company, Honey Birdette, has recently announced that it is planning moving into the UK market via considerable store expansion in the region. The company has stated that it plans to move from its current three brick and mortar locations in the United Kingdoms to a whooping 40 sometime around the end of 2018. For those who may not be familiar with the company, Honey Birdette is an independent, unique lingerie company that was first founded in 2006 by the well known and industrious forty year old business woman, Eloise Monaghan.

However, the company’s plans for expansion do not just stop with expanding their real world store locations but also by extending their virtual storefronts into as yet uncharted territory – the United States of America. After opening up a United States based website, the company experienced a unprecedented surge in sales that leapt % 374, so naturally this is a market that the company is very interested in pursuing. To ensure that Americans take a liking to this newly emergent enterprise Honey Birdette has unveiled a whole host of user benefits that will make the niche market a shoe-in, namely, improved delivery speed and one hundred percent free shipping for any item or items that total % 50 or more.

Naturally, these offers are highly enticing especially when coupled with the unique designs and patterns and material utilized by Honey Birdette. Thus, it seems with the advent of these new American and UK storefronts, both real and digital, Ms. Monahan is well on her way to becoming one of the next international multi-millionaire.

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A Take on Cassio Audi

One of the best ways that people have learned to get the most out of their money is by making great investments. For many years, investing was something that was primarily done by wealthy people or people who made a very good living. However, in the past few decades, investing has become easier for people of all economic levels to gain access to as an option. Many people who have some additional money have started to look towards various investments as a way of making the most out of their money.

Investments such as mutual funds have become very popular for people at all income levels. There are numerous positives to investments of all kinds. Mutual funds, individual stocks, and other investments will usually give people a better return on their money than most other ways of saving money.

While investing is one of the most consistent aspects of the financial industry, there are some differences related to investing depending on the country or part of the world where people are trying to invest. In Brazil, the climate of investing is different than other parts of the world. One of the investment professionals who knows a great deal about the Brazilian investment world is Cassio Audi.

For many years, Cassio Audi has been a voice that many people in Brazil have listened to regarding the financial situation that surrounds the stock market and other investing areas. Cassio Audi is an investment manager who has an excellent reputation in the investment field as a hard worker and a professional who places his clients in good positions concerning investments.

Also, Cassio Audi has other talents. As a music professional a few decades ago, Cassio Audi was in a top musical group that made several songs that did very well in the music industry. Cassio Audi is a multi talented individual who has accomplished a great deal in his life. He brings the same energy to whatever he is trying to do in his life both as a professional in the investment industry as well as in the music industry.

Lori Senecal’s Career as an Administrator in the Advertising Sector.

Lori Senecal is a revered business leader who is highly appreciated in the advertising and marketing industry. She has gained recognition in the industry due to her high level of creativity and leadership skills. Senecal has been working at Crispin Porter & Bogusky for about one year and has played a great role in ensuring its international growth. She is the current global CEO of the firm, and her role is to coordinate all its international operations of the company. Lori is in charge of the management of the nine international offices. Visit her LinkedIn account for details.

The career of Lori Senecal has been successful, and she has been offered top positions in leading corporations. The enterprises that she has had an opportunity to serve include McCann-Erickson Worldwide, Inc., which is an agency that is owned by Interpublic Group of Companies. Lori was among the professionals who participated in the development of TAG Ideation, which is an organization that is recognized for the young adult solutions that it provides. She is a hard working individual, and this made McCann World group promote her to act as the chief innovation officer. Another top position that she was offered at the company is serving as its president of McCann’s New York-based office.

Lori worked at McCann World group for approximately two years and was later offered a better position at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal Partners. The company’s management is mainly made up of women who greatly inspired her. She was appointed as president and CEO of KBS+ after some time. Senecal took part in the creation and execution of the great corporate and human resource strategies that are currently used by the company. She led the business to be successful and was named as a top firm in New York. During her term as the leader of the enterprise, it managed work with leading multinational businesses such as American Express, BMW, TE Connectivity, and Victoria Secret.

Senecal believes that she acquired a lot of experience and mentorship during her time at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal Partners. She has also been striving to inspire other women so that they can grow their professions. Lori is recognized as a motivational speaker and has been invited to in events such as the 3% Conference where she spoke about her career life. The seminar is held every year, and it is dedicated to motivating more women to grow the career in the digital advertising sector.

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Read more: http://www.adweek.com/tag/lori-senecal/

Richard Blair: A Financial Guru, Assisting People With Their Investment Needs

Wealth Solutions, Inc. is also known as WSI, and it is one of the best investment advisory firms that is also registered with the respective government body to offer comprehensive and customized financial planning. The monetary solution that can assist affluent families, individuals, and also a different number of small business owners not just in Austin but also to its surrounding areas to invest their finance effectively to earn more product than they are getting from traditional investment firms. Areas that they are covering for their services includes but not limited to Bastrop, Houston, Georgetown, Marble Falls, and New Braunfels.



Richard Blair is the founder of WSI which is sufficient to know the real value of this company. People who are in touch with the monetary world would already know Richard as an expert advisor who has a very beautiful combination of education and experience that is making him an ideal candidate for your investment needs. His over two decades worth of experience is making him an ideal candidate for the financial advisory. He already holds an extensive number of percentages which depicts that he is no doubting assisting his customer with his skill within and beyond the boundaries. His satisfied customer believes and trusts on his judgment much more than they do on theirs.



The monetary markets keep changes and WSI strongly under the leadership of Richard believes that financial strategies should also change and adapt if a company wants to be in this business for a long time. If you leave adapting to the situation, then you will fall gradually, and then gradually your clientele will begin to decrease. WSI is strict to the adaptation environments, and professionals who are working in WSI are always staying in touch with the monetary market to know what is going on inside this industry and what precaution should be taken to prevent the loss of their esteemed customers.



The company is always looking for different opportunities to offer conservative, yet dynamic investment solutions which allow their clients to take part on the upside while still emphasizing on minimizing the risk as much as possible. As numerous clients are planning for their retirement, WSI comprehends the main goal of their client which is to preserve their hard earned saving that they saved drop by drop. And to give them a steady retirement income so that they won’t have to beg to anyone so that they can enjoy independent life like they did in the past.




The Best Food for Your (Dog) Buddy

When choosing a dog food, it can all be very confusing. Which brand is the best? Should you choose grain free or with grain? There is a lot to consider when choosing dog food for your beloved furry friend. Beneful is one of the best dog foods on the market and it comes in both wet and dry foods, grain free, and treats. It is good for any and all dog breeds, no matter the size. There are different varieties dry of Beneful which include: with real beef, with real chicken, with real salmon, healthy weight, healthy puppy, and playful life. Beneful also has many different varieties of wet food including beef, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. With all the tasty ingredients, dogs really enjoy all the different types of food Beneful offers.

Beneful can be found at all major retailers including, Walmart, Target, Petsmart, Pet Supermarket and many more. Many of these retailer will accept coupons that you can find at Benefuls’ website, https://www.beneful.com/coupons/. Beneful’s dry dog food ranges in price from a small bag (3.5 lbs) at $5.99 to a large bag (40 lbs) at $33.98. The wet food prices range from a single can at $1.77 to a ten pack at $19.65.

Next time you are in need of dog food, consider giving Beneful a try. There is bound to be a wet or dry food that matches your dog’s’ needs that they will greatly enjoy. Also, paired with coupons, Beneful will fit into any person’s budget.


Great Meals Offered By The baneful Dog Food Brand

Beneful is a trade name for dog food products offered by Nestle Purina Petcare. The name Beneful means packed with goodness. Beneful was initially introduced in 2001. Presently, it is one of the most popular brands in the dog food market. It generates over $1.5 billion in revenue each year. Marketline’s SWOT analysis recognizes Beneful as a major brand by Nestle Purina in terms of revenue.

Beneful dog foods are made with ingredients that are good for the dogs such as vitamin-rich veggies and real meats. They provide the dogs with a variety of tastes as well as textures that nourish them. The foods contain a 100% complete as well as a balanced diet. Beneful dog foods are offered in three categories that comprises of dog treats, wet dog food, and dry dog food.When it comes to Beneful dog treats, products like Healthy Smile Dental Twists and Healthy Smile Dental Ridges are offered. The treats are provided in large, medium, and mini. Healthy Smile Dental Twists assists dogs to reduce tartar and plaque buildup. Additionally, it helps to support teeth as well as keep the dogs’ breath fresh. Healthy Smile Dental Ridges also helps to reduce plaque and supports strong bones.

Beneful wet dog foods are provided in more than twenty varieties. They include Incredibites and Chopped Blends that are made with tomatoes and beef. The Incredibites is made with a protein rich nutrition with a flavor that dogs love. Chopped blends provide real ingredients including real beef and peas that excite a dog’s taste buds. Under the dry food category, the brand provides foods like the BENEFUL DRY FOOD ORIGINALS that contain a real beef recipe. The Originals comprises of real beef that is blended with accents of vegetables and whole grains. It offers a100% nutrition with a taste that adult dogs love.The entire Beneful products are made with wholesome ingredients that have delicious flavors. These ingredients can easily be seen and are meant to keep the dogs healthy and happy. Currently, new recipes have been developed for the Beneful dry dog foods to enable the dogs continue enjoying their favorite food.



The Head Of Capital Group

Disagrees With Warren Buffett When It Comes To Active Funds
Warren Buffett’s advice to investors is simple; buy low-cost S&P 500 passive funds and leave them alone until retirement.

The Chairman and CEO of Los Angele-based financial investment firm Capital Group, Tim Armour, agrees that looking for low-cost funds is important. However, he says this doesn’t rule out using active funds and overlooks one of the big pitfalls of passive investing.

Tim Armour says that there are actively managed funds that feature low fees, and also don’t trade too much which also reduces the amount investors earn. The trick, he has said, is to find a fund where the manager has placed a large amount of their personal money. This encourages the hedge fund manager to do their best and keep the fund inexpensive. He has also said that a major problem with passive investing is that it leaves you 100% exposed to the stock market when they inevitably tank while a fund that is actively managed can mitigate losses.

One of Tim Armour’s long-standing bits of advice to investors is for them to “find active managers who earn their keep”. If the fund manager isn’t beating the market then you should move your portfolio to someone else who is. As an equity portfolio manager himself, he has done very well managing funds at Capital Group.

Armour has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry, all of it spent at Capital Group. After completing The Associates Program at the company, he worked as an equity investment analyst that specialized in telecommunication companies and United States service companies.

Welcome to the Evolution of Smooth

EOS, evolution of smooth, is a brand that focuses on smooth lips and smooth skin. They are really well known for their lip balms, which usually come in twist off spheres. As far as their lip balms go, they have four different kinds. Organic smooth spheres, visibly smooth spheres, shimmer smooth spheres, and organic smooth sticks.

Their organic smooth spheres have more flavors than the others due to their originality, and popularity. The flavors you can find in organic spheres are vanilla bean, passion fruit, blueberry acai, pomegranate raspberry, sweet mint, strawberry sorbet, summer fruit, and honeysuckle honeydew. Visibly smooth spheres have flavors in vanilla mint, coconut milk, and blackberry nectar. Shimmer smooth spheres have flavors in pearl, and sheer pink. And organic sticks have flavors in pomegranate raspberry, vanilla bean, and sweet mint.

There are a few differences between the different kinds of EOS lip balms you can get, but the basics are long-lasting moisture. And that they contain shea butter and vitamin E. They are all also gluten-free, paraben-free, petroleum-free, and phthalate-free. All but the organic sticks are .25 oz, the organic sticks are .14 oz.

EOS Company (evolutionofsmooth.ca) started up in the United States, in 2006 using 100% natural ingredients, and are 95% organic. They became well known on Target and Amazon online for their fun shapes and colors, and their variety of assorted flavors. EOS is a earth and animal friendly brand, while using recyclable packaging. Also, EOS is USDA and Oregon Tilt Organic certified.

It goes to show how serious they are about their products being natural and organic when you look at the USDA, and OTCO. The USDA seal shows that products were made under strict regulations, regulated by the EPA and DHS. OTCO, is a nonprofit organization that is internationally recognized.

Product Link: https://www.costco.ca/eos%C3%A2%E2%80%9E%C2%A2-Lip-Balm-6-pack.product.100322342.html

Focus on Clay Siegall’s Efforts to Bolster Cancer Therapy

A large number of companies are making great strides in cancer research, and Seattle Genetics is one of the most interesting of all the companies that have been around for the past decade. Clay Siegall, the CEO of Seattle Genetics has spoken of the great innovations his company is focusing on as it seeks to make more advancement in the field of cancer therapy. Seattle Genetics’ stock price has continued soaring and has managed to triple in a period of five years. This is a clear indication that the company is onto something significant in its field.

Passion to Improve the Lives of Cancer Patients

Siegall in his current position as the CEO of Seattle Genetics remains passionate in his quest to improve the lives of patients affected by cancer. He also serves as the president and board chairman of Seattle Genetics. He has been the CEO from 2002 and has been working tirelessly in the company for over two decades since co-founding it in 1998. He has led the company to immense advancements in the field of cancer research as well as ground-breaking therapies to assist cancer patients.

Education and Early Work History

After getting his Ph.D. in Genetics from the George Washington University, he has managed to achieve a number of proficient accomplishments. He started his research career at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute as a senior research investigator. He then became the principal scientist before moving to the National Cancer Institute as a staff and biotechnology fellow. After his professional advancement he helped in launching Seattle Genetics. Dr. Siegall’s achievements are a testimony of his commitment to concentrate on the most imperative research and being thorough in implementing avant-garde research advancements. He has a true desire to assist patients and is motivated to help end their suffering.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is a trained scientist with a focus on target cancer therapies. He has led Seattle Genetics in the development of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and securing FDA’s approval of the first ADC product, ADCETRIS (brentuximab vedotin) in 2011. Seattle Genetics is in the process of advancing a varied conduit of proprietary ADCs to be used in cancer treatment. Dr. Siegall has worked hard to secure over $1.2 billion in financing from both public and private companies.