Market America Is The Business Opportunity You May Be Looking For

For those who are tired of the day to day grind of a nine to five job or the back-breaking labor of blue-collar work that offers to a chance of advancement, the idea of going into business for themselves may seem like a good one. If you are one of those people, and you have decided to leave the rat race behind, then the only things left for you to decide now is what type of self run business opportunity is right for you. While this may seem the easy part, you may soon come to discover that it’s, in fact, the hardest. There are a lot of programs and opportunities out there and not all of them are reputable.

Market America is the leader in direct to consumer sales business opportunities. The individual operator partners of M.A. have access to a unique system of support and a one of a kind range f products that allow them to provide the things that their clients actually want and need every day. This isn’t a multi-level sales system, or a traditional direct selling network offering one small set of products or requiring you to recruit dozens more partners in order to start seeing any type of real success. This is a different concept that puts you in control of your own day to day business operation and lets you grow and build at the pace that you are comfortable with.

Market America is a product brokerage and internet marketing firm that gives you access to a wide range of incredible products. You can choose which items you market, and how much you do it. This allows you to fit M.A. into your life and to adjust the product offerings specifically to the unique desires of your particular clientele. In addition, you will have access to support network like you won’t find anywhere else. M.A. believes that the key to success is great products, great people, and great innovation, and they strive to excel in all three.

When you are ready to know more about how Market America can be your opportunity to get out of the mundane life of working for someone else’s success and start living a life fueled by your own check out the Market America website. Start down the path toward the better future you and your family deserve, gets started with Market America today.

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Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna, originally from New Orleans, LA, is a licensed in both surgery and medicine by the state of Georgia and the state of Florida medical examiners. Dr. Mark McKenna is both passionate about helping his patients and his community.

Dr. McKenna graduated from Tulane University Medical School, and moved on to practicing medicine along side his father. During that time, Dr. Mark McKenna was also launching a business of his own called McKenna Venture Investments.

McKenna Venture Investments was a real estate development firm. McKenna Venture Investments quickly added Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. With over 50 employees, the business offered real estate closing services, newly modeled move in ready homes, and financing services.

In Augusr of 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans hard. It destroyed the city of New Orleans along with Dr. Mark McKenna’s real estate development business. Although down, he was not out. Dr. Mark McKenna helped his community of New Orleans rebuild.

In November of 2007, Dr. McKenna relocated to Atlanta, where he launched ShapeMed. ShapeMed was a wellness and asthetic based practice for medicine. After about 7 years, ShapeMed was then sold to Lifetime Fitness, Inc.

Dr. McKenna continued to serve as National Medical Director of Lifetime Fitness until 2016. And in 2017, he founded OVME. OVME is a aesthetic basdd medical pratice that incorporates technology in their treatment of patients. They are striving to be innovative in healthcare field.

Dr. Mark McKenna is married. He and his wife have one daughter together. One of Dr. McKenna’s favorite ways to start his day is by enjoying breakfast with daughter. This helps him be more productive throughout the day. One of his favorite ways to end his productive day is by having dinner with his family and then relaxing by practicing Jiu Jitsu.

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Desiree Perez and Jay Z Meet With Universal Music Group

For the past decade Jay Z has been cementing himself as one of the most influential and productive business moguls in the music industry. The reason? His 10 year, $150 million contract with the Live Nation company. At the time this vaunted ‘360 Deal’ was considered almost too good to be true. The deal established Jay Z in the industry and give him a chance to expand his empire. However, 2018 marks a buy-sell moment where Live Nation or Jay Z could decide to opt out of their contract entirely. Does this mean that Jay Z and Roc Nation are on the move? Well, if you take Desiree Perez’s presence at a lunch with Universal Music Group, you might be right.

Desiree Perez is a longtime associate of Jay Z and one of the most influential employees at the Roc Nation company. Perez and Jay Z have been working together for over a decade now and Perez is routinely brought on board to help make leading decisions. With Live Nation’s deal set to expire next year, a sit-down lunch with Sir Lucian Grainge of Universal Music Group was particularly interesting. Perez and Jay Z met up with the Chief Executive Officer while on a trip to California. The meeting has yet to yield any fruitful details but there are rumors going around that Roc Nation might be turning their attention to a full time partnership with UMG.

Live Nation is still in the race to retain Roc Nation as a client but that might not happen. Live Nation reportedly wants to step away from the recording side of things and focus instead on their attachment to Jay and Roc Nation’s live shows. Live Nation and Jay Z are yet to formally announce real status update on their relationship with one another at this point.

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Richard Mishaan Design Excellence in Career

It is no doubt that Richard Mishaan Design is one of the best designers in the entire United States of America. He has a firm in New York City that is characterized with nothing but top notch Architectural and interior design. Most people have come to know him for carefully combining vintage pieces to come up with the most lavish interior. He combines modern décor and ancient one to come up with an incredible piece. Richard Mishaan Design has been featured by renowned publishers such as Architectural Digest, Interior Design Magazine, and the Elle Décor.Richard Mishaan Design is responsible for making the interior décor of buildings such as Trump World Towers and Shelburne Hotel. Mr. Mishaan has more than 25 years of experience and pays particular attention to details to come up with elegant and stylish home interior design.

It’s hard to find furniture that combines functional and dynamic design. Richard Mishaan Design, however, has made this a reality. He majorly puts more stress on particular styles to come up with a beautiful electric room. He does not shy off from blending numerous colors, and the result is a room with vivid colors. Richard Mishaan Design has an understanding of luxury and quality.Richard Mishaan was born in Cartagena, Columbia. His inspiration to his career dates back to when he was young. Richard Mishaan joined the New York University for a BA in 1978. He later joined the Columbian University School. His incredible career began at Philip Johnson’s office where he was an apprentice. It is while here that he gained an extensive experience in fashion, interior design as well as architecture. People who have worked with Richard Mishaan have nothing but praise for his incredible work. He has written two books where he shares his knowledge on design and architecture.

Market America Shop Empowers Entrepreneurs With Revolutionary Products and Marketing Platforms

Market America Shop is a privately-held direct selling and online marketing firm. It was founded in 1992 and has its headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina. Co-founder JR Ridinger is serving as the CEO and President. The company is involved in the provision of consumer goods such as personal care products, nutrition and weight management products, car care products, jewelry, and water purifiers among others.

The company also operates retail sales from the portal. The products are divided into different categories as a way to differentiate the specific brands. These brands include Isotonix, Pet Health, Transition Lifestyle Systems, Autoworks, Motives and Royal Spa as well as Skintelligence among others. Additionally, maCapital Resources is the personal finance service while maWebCenters is the customized online marketing service.

Market America is a network marketing firm. The individual brand owners manufacture the network’s consumer goods. It enjoys a vast network of individual distributors. Similarly, affiliate companies advertise and offer their products through the firm’s portals. Market America Shop has operations in the US, Malaysia, the UK, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Mexico among other locations.

The company boasts of cumulative sales revenues of over seven billion dollars. Around a third of that amount was earned by independent distributors. It employs more than eight hundred people globally. Market America Shop is redefining shopping and creating hundreds of opportunities for marketing enthusiasts. The company has a diverse portfolio with cross-market interests in health, nutrition, fitness, home and garden.

It has a strong focus on one-to-one marketing strategies as well as leveraging social-based marketing platforms. The company recently held an international convention to celebrate its twenty-fifth anniversary.

The event packed over twenty-five thousand entrepreneurs and attracted a who’s who of celebrities including famous artists such as Alicia Keys, Jamie Foxx, Scottie Pippen and Kevin Hinterberger of the Better Business Bureau. The company is committed to providing robust business platforms that empower distributors to provide compelling shopping experiences to consumers.

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Kevin Seawright Exceptional Finance Understanding

Kevin Seawright is an expert in the field of finance and has always ensured that helps the top organization and prominent people in the businesses. He is a man who started from the scratch but through what he learned in he was able to put into practice hence he was able to succeed and make more income for him to invest in other business.

His clients always recommend other people to him because of the better services that he provides hence making him be known all over the world. Furthermore over 13 years is the period that he has experience in working in various organizations. Read more: Newark economic development group names CFO

Workers in these companies always respect him because of the management that he always gives to them hence they are well motivated to do more in their daily task. He as well has enabled a lot of people to live comfier due to creating employment to them hence they are really grateful.

Top prominent business people always come back for his services because he is able to guide them on how they could improve their business and make more income. Through supporting a lot of centers which help needy enabled him to be selected by as board of chairman in these centers.

Selecting Kevin Seawright as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Newark Economic Development Corporation was the best decision ever because he was able to develop the organization through making the staff members to do their daily task very good and even was able to introduce new techniques that enabled the organization to offer better services to its clients.

He was able to make Newark Economic Development Corporation be the largest organization in offering financial services.

Many countries all over the world were able to receive the services that he always provides through the enlargement of these services. Kevin Seawright has received the different award due to the accomplishment that he has made over the past years.

Lastly, he also ensures that he partners with other top organization so that they may introduce new techniques that enable them to improve the services that they offer.

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Kevin Seawright Sees Big Things for New Jersey Real Estate as Economy Grows

How José Auriemo Neto has helped JHSF to Dominate Brazil’s Property Market

JHSF is regarded among the most prominent real estate companies in Brazil. Since its formation in 1972, the company has carved an enviable niche for itself by developing high-end residential and commercial properties. Its commitment to the luxury property market has enabled the company to build an incredible client portfolio comprising high net worth individual and institutional clients.

Besides spearheading the construction of real estate projects, JHSF Brazil also manages residential and commercial properties. Recently, it made inroads into the hospitality industry with the acquisition of the Fasano Hotels, luxury chain with outlets throughout Latin America. The company also made headlines after it announced that it was providing its management expertise to an executive airport. If these and other strategic takeovers are anything to go by, JHSF has definitely established an indelible footprint in the real estate and hospitality markets.

Firm Corporate Ethic

For more than four decades, JHSF has been led by its corporate standard, which is the provision of sustainable solutions to all its stakeholders. The company similarly partners with financial experts in a bid to ensure that the fiscal viability of its projects is accessed before construction begins. This could perhaps explain why all its projects have proved to be a success.

Most of the firm’s projects are in Sao Paolo, Salvador, and Manaus, which are among the largest cities in Brazil. Despite the competitive nature of the property market in these cities, JSHF has managed to dominate the sector due to its commitment towards the provision of top-notch real estate solutions. The company also involves itself in numerous local initiatives as a way of giving back to the society.

CEO José Auriemo Neto in Brief

Mr. Neto has made a name for himself for being one of the most visionary corporate executives in Brazil. His stint as JHSF’s president and CEO has coincided with immeasurable success for the firm. Mr. Neto graduated with a finance degree from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University.

Neto has helped transform the company into a major player in the industry by spearheading impressive developments including the award-winning Parque Cidade Jardim project. He has similarly helped the firm to strike lucrative deals with international luxury brands such as Jimmy Choo, Hermes, and Gucci.

Louis Chenevert’s Successor Following in His Genius Footsteps

Louis R. Chênevert worked at General Motors for fourteen years as a Production General Manager. From there, he joined Pratt & Whitney in 1993. He was eventually elected to be the President and CEO of the United Technologies Corporation in March of 2006.

Chênevert‘s impressive financial performance is borderline genius and often saved the UTC from financial crises faced by other companies, such as choosing lower-cost options to avoid engineer layoffs. Chênevert’s genius could be partially accredited to his intense focus and dedication on only two markets: building technology and aerospace. In fact, that is what he made the company’s entire theme–focus.

Chênevert also promoted balance between the UTC’s different types of markets and users. By following the rhythm created by commercial and military markets, the UTC could optimize resource deployment and avoid stagnant periods and layoffs.

He also optimized company revenue by not only manufacturing products, but also providing maintenance services on delivered products. That way, UTC gains revenue in every stage of their products’ life cycles.

As United Technologies Company’s former CEO, Chênevert believed that long-term success initiatives were vital to the company’s growth and longevity. New CEO Gregory Hayes also firmly believes that the best path to success is to invest in the future and focus on long term results. He hopes to propel the company by investing in UTC’s technology innovation and their employees.

Hayes wants the company to to invest in its technology innovation, because he believes that is what will drive the company’s future growth as well as strengthen the US economy and manufacturing jobs. He also believes UTC should invest in not only their technology, but the people behind it. This is why the UTC is offering an Employee Scholar Program, which encourages employees to pursue higher education throughout their career. Hayes’s commitment to the company’s future is incredibly similar to Chênevert’s in that they both prioritize UTC’s long-term success and creating a healthy economy for the company to grow and flourish in.

Create Your Own Business With Inspiration From Doe Deere

Many Americans have dreamed of starting their own businesses, but they are often unaware of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. If you are considering such a move, you should follow the lead of Doe Deere, the founder and owner of the cosmetics firm Lime Crime. Learn more:

Creating a Successful Business

Finding your “niche” in the world of business is dependent upon formulating a specific plan and having a proper understanding of financing. Adherence to the practices of other successful business owners is no guarantee for success, although it may send you in the right direction. The idea for your planned business may be based on a particular interest or passion. Since your personal passion does not always translate into a business plan, you will also need to examine current business trends to help determine your ideal market. Learn more:

Establishing Your Plan of Action

Once you have a specific idea, you need to plan the different aspects of your business. Such plans are available at different locations, including the Small Business Administration or your local chamber of commerce. You will also need assistance with your financial plans. Banks and loan agencies can give advice on seeking investors. It would be wise to write down your plans in order to help others better understand your needs and goals. Learn more:

Specific Issues to Consider

You need to realize that it may take considerable time before you can start selling your products or services. You should be prepared to work long hours for little or no pay, and you may have to sacrifice some of your other personal interests. Once your business opens, you will receive your reward in both profits and personal satisfaction. You should also find satisfaction in establishing regular customers. Once you are established, you will need to follow market trends and other outside factors that could affect your business. You also need to stay ahead of your operation, writing down ideas for newer products and always looking for additional investment opportunities. Learn more:

The Success of Doe Deere

Born in Russia and raised in New York, Doe Deere saw the use of cosmetics as both a method of concealing skin imperfections and a form of self-expression. She officially registered the name “limecrime” in 2004 in her quest to develop a line of colorful but animal-friendly cosmetics. Lime Crime is geared specifically to Generation Z, the generation born in the late 20th century and raised on the computer. This is also this generation that has become accustomed to shopping online for almost everything, including cosmetics. Doe Deere is known for her mentoring of female enterpreneurs while, at the same time, serving as an inspiration for many others. Learn more:

Mike Baur Creates an Excellent Business Plan Model

Mike Baur is someone that has taken a lot of time to help so many entrepreneurs that are looking for an opportunity to build better businesses. He knows the elements that are involved in the process of building better businesses, and he is doing what it takes to give competitors a true advantage against the competition.


Many entrepreneurs have discovered that this is a helpful way to get ahead of the competition. There are a lot of business leaders that fail when they start up a business for the first time. What Mike Baur has managed to do is give customers access to the secrets of those successful entrepreneurs that have been able to find a balance in the business world. He has created many ways to coach entrepreneurs into success. A good idea for business is nothing more than an idea if a business leader doesn’t know how to pitch the idea.



That is the main reason that many business fail. There is not a proper pitch for any idea so the entrepreneur does not get the proper funding for the business. When the funding is not good the business can be doomed from the start because this will also affect marketing. What Mike Baur has done is give people access to a plethora of resources that can help them train for the process of asking venture capitalists for money.


He has become successful in the field of fund raising, and he also has experience in the banking industry. These are things that have allowed him to give people all types of advice about how they can acquire loans for their businesses. He has been successful in the banking industry, but this is not something that he was passionate about. That is why he made a decision to transition from banking into his role with the Swiss Startup Factory.


The great thing about using a company like this is that there is a road map for the unexpected. People do not have to worry about how they are going to deal with unforeseen issues. With the consultants for the Swiss Startup Factory business owners have access to all the issues that might occur in the start of a new business. They are better prepared for the challenges when they have been mentored by those leaders that have taken time to groom new business leaders in the ways of business.