Richard Blair: A Financial Guru, Assisting People With Their Investment Needs

Wealth Solutions, Inc. is also known as WSI, and it is one of the best investment advisory firms that is also registered with the respective government body to offer comprehensive and customized financial planning. The monetary solution that can assist affluent families, individuals, and also a different number of small business owners not just in Austin but also to its surrounding areas to invest their finance effectively to earn more product than they are getting from traditional investment firms. Areas that they are covering for their services includes but not limited to Bastrop, Houston, Georgetown, Marble Falls, and New Braunfels.



Richard Blair is the founder of WSI which is sufficient to know the real value of this company. People who are in touch with the monetary world would already know Richard as an expert advisor who has a very beautiful combination of education and experience that is making him an ideal candidate for your investment needs. His over two decades worth of experience is making him an ideal candidate for the financial advisory. He already holds an extensive number of percentages which depicts that he is no doubting assisting his customer with his skill within and beyond the boundaries. His satisfied customer believes and trusts on his judgment much more than they do on theirs.



The monetary markets keep changes and WSI strongly under the leadership of Richard believes that financial strategies should also change and adapt if a company wants to be in this business for a long time. If you leave adapting to the situation, then you will fall gradually, and then gradually your clientele will begin to decrease. WSI is strict to the adaptation environments, and professionals who are working in WSI are always staying in touch with the monetary market to know what is going on inside this industry and what precaution should be taken to prevent the loss of their esteemed customers.



The company is always looking for different opportunities to offer conservative, yet dynamic investment solutions which allow their clients to take part on the upside while still emphasizing on minimizing the risk as much as possible. As numerous clients are planning for their retirement, WSI comprehends the main goal of their client which is to preserve their hard earned saving that they saved drop by drop. And to give them a steady retirement income so that they won’t have to beg to anyone so that they can enjoy independent life like they did in the past.




Adam Goldenberg’s Outstanding Performance In Entrepreneurship

Adam Goldenberg runs Just Fab, Inc. alongside Don Ressler. He is highly experienced in management, development of products and internet marketing. Adam became an entrepreneur in his teenage years. At 20, he became the youngest COO of a publicly traded company, Intermix Media, after they acquired his company, Gamers Alliance. Since then, Adam has continued to engage in different businesses. His success is attributed to his ability of combining technology and fashion.

Adam met Don Ressler when he was working at Intermix Media. The two decided to establish their first company, Intelligent Beauty, in 2006. Intelligent Beauty was an e-commerce consumer brand that specialized in health and beauty products as mentioned on Under the Intelligent Beauty brand, they established units like DERMSTORE for skin care products and SENSA, a weight loss system.

Considering the existence of many opportunities in the global market, the two partners decided to venture into online fashion business on With the help of professional consultants and designers, the team established the company’s goal and developed an online platform, which would allow for membership subscriptions. The success of these goals marked the beginning of JustFab. JustFab aims to develop high quality, but affordable brands ranging from bags, shoes, accessories, to styling tips.

Under the JustFab brand, the two entrepreneurs have established different branches, including FabKids and ShoeDazzle. In addition, they entered into partnership with a third party to create Fabletics. JustFab’s monthly membership fee is $39.95. Presently, the company has close to 40 million VIP members in the United States, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Canada and Netherlands.

Recently, Adam Goldenberg appeared on to announce that they were rebranding JustFab to TechStyle Fashion Group. During the interview, he pointed out that their fashion brand had registered enormous growth considering that it commenced operations as an e-commerce online startup. Today, it is an international fashion brand. The process of rebranding will include upgrading their system to improve their service offing and customer care.

During his “24 questions” interview at NRF- National Retail Federation, Adam noted that fashion is rapidly changing. He reiterated that their brand had achieved success due to their strategy of building brands online, especially in high growth sectors. He said that their membership model is revolutionary as it ensures commitment between the firm and its customers at

This way, both parties benefit. Adam Goldenberg talked about digital retail. He posited that if it is well executed, it is an efficient tool in providing qualitative and quantitative value for both the company and customer. By virtue of venturing into entrepreneurship at a tender age, Adam learnt the importance of empowering his staff, asking questions and giving out challenges.

 Equities First Holdings Offers Quick Alternative Margin and Stock Loans

You need a quick loan. Bank loans are all but impossible because of limitations on available credit and the need for strong collateral. If you have a brokerage account and own stock, you can ask your firm for the loan and use your stock as collateral. Here too there too there are drawbacks. The firm normally will limit your loan to 50% of your shareholder value. In addition, their interest rates are high ranging from 6.5 to 9%.

Equities First Holdings can meet your need for quick cash with interest rates as low as 3-5% and does not have restrictions on the amount of your loan based on your stock holdings. They have made loans up to 80% of your shareholder value. Their average is 60%. In dollar terms their loans have been as high as $8 million.

The next question is: How does this work? With a regular $5,000 Cash Account you can buy up to $5,000 worth of stock. The second type of account is a Margin Account. This allows you to buy 50% more stock. With a $5,000 account, you could buy up to $7,500 of stock. In good times when markets are going up you can make more money faster. However, in a down market you can lose it faster also.


Equities First Holdings (EFH) treats loans on Cash and Margin Accounts differently. The reason is simple. There is much more risk lending against a Margin Account. Under a Cash Account if the stock does well EFH returns the entire amount of the collateral. The borrower can pocket the profits. On the down side if the stock falls below 80% of loan value, the borrower can pay the difference to get the loan out of default. Or he can walk away from the loan and the stock. This type of loan allows the borrower to abandon the loan before it expires.


Margin loans have different requirements. First, the borrower must be pre-qualified and require that the money be used for a specific purpose. The loan to value is much lower- 10-50%. If there is a margin call, the lender may liquidate the loan without warning.


A final word. Equities First Holdings is a respected leader in alternate shareholder financing with having brokered $1.4 billion in loan value.

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Coriant is Sailing Ahead With Kheradpir at the Helm


Ray Le Maistre has reported in Light Reading that Coriant is bringing on Shaygan Kheradpir as the company’s new CEO and Chairman of the Board. Coriant is the nation’s leading optical transport vendor.

The Past Shapes Our Present
Kheradpir has almost 30 years executive experience in the financial, telecommunications, and financial industries. At Verizon Communications, he was responsible for the debut of the FiOS FTTH telecommunications system. The system required a $20 billion capital investment and launched the company onto the national scene.

Laying a Foundation for the Future

Kheradpir has worked side by side with Coriant’s former CEO, Pat DiPietro, over the last year as Operating Executive at Marlin Equity Partners (MEP). DiPietro will resume his position as Vice Chairman at Coriant and manage the day to day operations at MEP.

MEP is Coriant’s sister equity firm that was responsible for Coriant’s creation. Coriant is a merge of Sycamore Networks, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) Optical Networks, and Tellabs’ optical department. Kheradpir utilized the year to build relationships with both companies and to prepare for the CEO transition. He credits collaborations with Coriant’s senior management team for his understanding of the company’s needs and vision.

The finalization of the transition of DiPietro and Kheradpir illustrates the successful integration of the two companies.

What the Future May Hold

According to FierceTelecom, Coriant is already shaking up the industry and expanding internationally. The Chinese company Unicorn, BSNL, Telia Sonera International Carrier (TSIC), and NBN in Australia have signed contracts with Coriant.

As customers’ needs and expectations grow, equipment is required to transport Terabytes worth of data and information. The next step will be creating an infrastructure for the growing use of 4G and 5G networks. Kheradpir will be the lead strategist and player in making this happen. Creating cloud infrastructure and data centers are no easy feats. Yet, Kheradpir is uniquely ready for the job.

The Optical Space

Ciena, Huawei, and Cisco will be hot on Coriant’s heels in the fiercely competitive industry of optical transport vending. With a focused group of 500 large customers and carriers, Coriant will continue setting itself apart as it builds upon its $1 billion annual revenue.

Shaygan Kheradpir

Kheradpir worked as a professor at Northeastern University after he earned a doctorate degree from Cornell University in electrical engineering. He entered the communications industry in 1987 after securing numerous patents and working to define universal standards within the computer science field.

When Kheradpir transitioned into high-level executive positions, he led unprecedented national projects. One of the most notable is the implementation of America’s largest communications infrastructure, Verizon’s FiOS network. The project propelled Verizon into the millennium and left behind its days as a regional player. In 2007, CIO Magazine named Kheradpir to their Hall of Fame.

Kheradpir is sure to bring his innovative strategies and thinking to Coriant. It seems inevitable Coriant will be changed for the better.

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Why Does Every Business Need Talk Fusion? The Answer Is Easy To See


Let’s face it, every business needs one thing to stay alive during even the toughest of economic times and that one thing is, customers. Without customers, nothing happens. So, how do you keep your current customers engaged and help to engage the new customers? Talk Fusion can help. Using video marketing is a great way to boost your business awareness and your business brand. Talk Fusion is an inovative video marketing platform that allows you to multiply your profits, skyrocket your sales while attracting and retaining your ideal customers.

This platform can even help your customers give you more referrals and keep everyone coming back more often. Just think about it, imagine having an all in one video marketing solution at your finger tips. That is what you get with Talk Fusion. Talk fusion is inexpensive and they offer the most up to date video technology in the world today.

Talk Fusion’s founder and CEO Bob Reina talked about this amazing platform in his all new product presentation. Bob started the whole company because he had an idea to send his friend a video in an email back when the internet was young. Imagine the look of shock on Bob’s face when the internet experts of the day told him they couldn’t send that video to his friend.

Today Talk Fusion has become a global leader in the field of video marketing and email video marketing. Thanks to Bob you can send your customers video or send a video to a friend and more, all with his easy to use platform. Bob Reina’s company gives you everything you need in one single location. Talk Fusion stores your videos within the platform so your customers and you will not be exposed to annoying ads generated by an outside source. Talk Fusion helps with live meetings, video newsletters, video emails and signup forms too.

In step one you choose a template from the over one thousand offered. In step two you record or upload your video message. In step three you hit the send key. Your marketing message will go to your clients and customers quickly and they can view them with easy, even on a cell phone or tablet.

Shaygan Kheradpir: A Visionary For The Future


Kheradpir: A Visionary For The Future

Shaygan Kheradpir began his career over twenty- eight years ago, graduating with a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PHD in engineering from Cornell University. Since this time Mr. Kheradpir has risen amongst the ranks, starting at GTE Corporation and switching to Verizon as EVP and Chief Information Officer. In this position with Verizon, Shaygan worked with a team to help streamline the company and make Verizon more efficient. Too, while with Verizon, Mr.Kheradpir worked on one of the largest product initiatives, FiOS, who had an initial 20 billion dollar investment.

Moving on from Verizon, Mr.Kheradpir began working for Barclays as Chief Operations and Technology Officer. In this position Shaygan was a leader in the TRANSFORM program which transformed the historical banking service for the 21st century. Shaygan was one head of this program over 150 thousand employees in 50 countries.

After his role with Barclay’s, Shaygan became CEO of Juniper Networks. Juniper Networks works in program innovation to help clients solve program issues and network faster for more Company efficiency. Shaygan developed an Operating plan that focused on development in the areas of High IQ Networking and Cloud Builder.

In his latest position, Mr.Kheradpir is CEO and Chairman of the Board for Coriant which specializes in faster networking connections for their clients that results into more efficient networking solutions. This role was possible as Shaygan was in a short term role with Marlin Equity Partners as Operating Executive, where he worked closely with Coriant learning about the daily operations. Coriant is equally satisfied to have Mr. Kheradpir as CEO and Chairman of the Board in hopes of rising to a new professional and economic growth for the company.

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Olympic Valley Incorporation

The Olympic Valley Incorporation has been seeking some disastrous remedies and efforts, as they feel are necessary that have caused some major concern for the CEO of the Squaw Valley Resort, Andy Wirth. He sees the incorporation imposing effort that could essentially be a recipe for a complete disaster. He has opposed them since presented with as he feels they will not be a good asset to the Lake Tahoe north shore communities. Luckily has has been granted some much needed relief from them, as they have withdrawn their efforts. Wirth feels that there has been a lot of issues between the two parties and a lot of divisive actions and words spoken that he can only hope heal over time. At this point in time it’s the community that needs to be addressed and looked out for, and he feels that the correct actions have been taken.
The last few years for Wirth have presented themself as not entirely pleasing. Not only did he have the efforts of the incorporation but they were also experiencing a drought throughout the region that was making it hard for many to enjoy the resort as well as Wirth to keep up with the inaccurate supply of snow.

Fortunately they had a pretty big winter snow storm sweep through the area recently bracing them for cold temperatures and much needed inches of packed snow. This allowed the resort to open their doors early which jump started the season for some of the outdoor adventurists. Wirth is happy to find some relief from the past few years.

Wirth attended the Colorado State University where he graduated with his Bachelors degree in Science. He moved from Germany to attend college, but came from a family that enjoyed the outdoors just as much as he does. He had a near death experience while sky diving that landed him in the hospital for many months of healing and completely changed his life forever. As an active philanthropist and outdoors enthusiast himself, he has dedicated much of his life to making the environment and the outdoors a safe, clean place to play.

He has been working on some projects back at the resort. One of them being a gondola but will connect the two beautiful resorts together, enabling the skier’s to cross from point a to point b, all while enjoying the beautiful country side. People come from all over to view the beautiful Olympic Valley in California, and it can be rest assured that Mr. Wirth will continue to work very hard to ensure that the resort and the surrounding communities had his best interest and efforts at hand. He is looking up to the positive nature of the next couple of years.

A Closer look at the Talk Fusion Service

Talk Fusion is a video marketing service that can come in handy for many different types of businesses. Some of the different features of this service include sign-up forms, video chat, video emails, video newsletters, and meetings that can take place live over the internet.

Talk Fusion’s service is designed to be used with a broadband internet connection. To get full-motion video and in-sync audio streaming, a high-speed internet connection is a must. For best results, it is recommended that the bandwidth is at least 1080 kbps. In addition, Talk Fusion streams videos at the maximum speed that the internet connection supports.

The service is usable on either a Mac or a Windows PC. However, there are certain specifications that computers must meet in order to use Talk Fusion. For example, Windows users must have at least Windows Vista while Mac users must at least have OSX. (Please be sure to visit the website for more information on the minimum requirements to use this service.)

This service is a must-have for businesses who require meetings but do not have the time to meet clients face-to-face.

Bob Reina, the founder of Talk Fusion, went through a lot of hoops in order to create the software. Reina had a strong entrepreneurial desire to create this product. He even gave up his career and a steady paycheck in order to pursue this business opportunity.

Although the people around him thought he was making a bad decision for giving up a job and a consistent paycheck to get into this business, it paid off in the end. Bob Reina now has a successful business with a successful product that many other entrepreneurs envy.

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Talk Fusion Setting The Standard Of Video Communication

The driving force behind the application suite known as Talk Fusion is Bob Reina who decided to create something that at the time seemed totally impossible. In 2004 Bob Reina was on the market looking for a house when he went to view one and took a 10 second video clip of the house to send to his family in order to get their opinion. He soon noticed that it was impossible to embed the video within an email and send it off. He also contacted his service provider AOL who told him that this was not possible and what he was asking to do was simply not invented yet. Bob Reina being successful in direct selling immediately noticed that there was a business opportunity in creating an application that could achieve just that, embed a simple video within an email.

This was the start of Talk Fusion as Bob Reina teamed up with an old friend who was also an IT specialist. This collaboration brought out the first application of Talk Fusion known as video email. This simple application was very easy to use and was the first reason for its popularity. The application allowed the user to customize their own video message from over a thousand different templates. This made the video message very personal. Bob Reina and his team of professionals have since expanded their range and now offer, live meetings, video chat and video newsletter.

Due to Bob Reina’s great success in the direct selling marketing industry previously this allowed him to see the potential of direct selling with the Talk Fusion Application Suite. Therefore the Talk Fusion application is also so popular because anyone can refer the platform to someone and make some money for themselves. This allows people from all walks of life to get involved and benefit from the innovative idea that was first thought up by Bob Reina and his team of software professionals. Talk Fusion is just getting started and will soon be the number one used video communication software globally.

Talk Fusion Provides Cheaper Talk Solutions

Talking via the Internet is often seen as an expense. It is something that most of us want to be able to do, but we often feel as though it is too costly or burdensome to handle. That is where Talk Fusion comes in. With Talk Fusion, we get the chance to talk to those who need to hear from us without all of the expense that so often comes with this process.

Video streaming is becoming an increasingly important part of the online experience. When potential customers and others go online, they expect to see videos that they can watch and interact with. If they are not provided with this kind of service, it is seen as a service that is lacking.

Many companies are also using video communications as a direct means of performing customer service. That is to say that the video in and of itself becomes part of the service. This could come in the form of video that are pre-produced to answer some frequently asked questions, or it could simply be live video streaming to answer questions as the visitors are asking them. In either case, the importance of the streaming video service is quite obvious.

Talk Fusion works better than some other services because it offers the users the opportunity to record video on any type of device that they have. It does not matter if they do not have a laptop or desktop nearby. They can simply pull out a smartphone that has video capture capabilities and record the video that they need right then and there. They may then upload the video from that device onto Talk Fusion and send it out to whomever they need it to go to.

At that point, it is all set up and ready to go. Talk Fusion makes it that easy to work and collaborate with people all over the country or indeed all over the world. The software just continues to get better and better with this service, and this means fewer dropped video calls, and better abilities to get in touch at any time of the day or night.

Talk Fusion was created by Bob Reina. Check him out on LinkedIn and Facebook