Rick Smith: The Successful Man Behind Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is a respected technologist who is slowly changing the correction industry. At the moment, he is working as the president and chief executive director of one of the leading technology and communication providers in the United States known as Securus Technologies. Rick Smith has been in the limelight for helping the institution to update its process and applications. Under his leadership, the organization has grown significantly, and it has also won the hearts of many individuals in the corrections department. Smith has also played a vital role in making sure that the overall justice system in the United States has improved.Several years ago, Securus Technologies management thought about appointing a new chief executive officer. After a lot of considerations, the board decided to appoint Rick Smith to the prestigious position in the year 2008. Thanks to this nomination, the company managed to experience a turning point.

Becoming one of the best companies in the industry. Before this appointment, T-Netix was the main competitor for the organization.After the appointment, Smith said that the two main players would work together just as a team and make a powerful force. As the individual responsible for the merger, Smith has done his best to ensure that the private institution remains the leader.Rick Smith was born and raised in an ordinary middle-class family. However, people who are close to him say that he is one of the few natural born leaders. This is because of his exceptional leadership and management skills he has possessed for many years. His skills have brought the private company where it is at the moment. These excellent skills have been improved by the experience he has acquired over the years in different companies.

Before getting the position of president of the correctional company, Smith had the opportunity to work in various institutions. Most of the companies he has served in the past specialize in communication and technology, and this is why the businessman has been doing so well. The businessman has had the opportunity to work with numerous clients and companies in the communication and technology world acquiring a lot of expertise and experience. This exposure has given him an upper hand as the president of the company.Just recently, Rick Smith and his successful company announced that they had decided to acquire an institution known as JPay. Although the financial details of the unique deal were not disclosed to the public, several sources say that the new acquisition will be beneficial to Securus Technologies. JPay is also a respected institution in the technology world, and it will bring a lot of expertise and experience at the corrections company. The leaders of both companies are looking forward to working together as a team.

A Look At New Education App Class Dojo

What Is Class Dojo?

Class Dojo is a company and the name of an application that allows teachers, students, and student parents or guardians to connect, interact and grow together through an online education platform. The company was created in 2011 and witnessed exponential growth since launching in the summer of 2011. Right now, it it estimated that almost 2 in 3 schools in the United States use Class Dojo within classrooms. The app is particularly popular among grades k-8, as it is geared towards a more younger child audience and not a teen or young adult age group.

Class Dojo has expanded outside of the United States and is now used all over the world. Schools in more than 180 countries are currently using class Dojo to enhance the educational experience and to foster communication. Messages on Class Dojo can be translated in over 35 languages right now for free which makes easy to use even for non-native language speaking students or parents.

Class Dojo was founded in San Francisco, California and the company’s headquarters is located in 735 Tehama St San Francisco, CA 94103. The app is currently free to download and use.

What Are The Benefits To Using It?

There are numerous benefits to using Class Dojo. The biggest benefit touted by parents is that they can get constant updates, complete with photos and teacher comments during the school day and after the school day. Parents love seeing the progress and activities their children are making in school, especially in visual formats such as videos and photos.

Another great benefit of Class Dojo is that it allows students, teachers and parents to connect outside the classroom. This builds a classroom community and is especially effective in breaking the ice with shy students and new students to a classroom.
Teachers can also quickly communicate with a single parent about an issue with a child or send out an announcement to all parents about an upcoming trip or activity.

What Does The Future Hold?

Class Dojo is currently free to use and the founders of the company Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don have firmly stated that it will remain free for all teachers, their students and the student parents to use. There are plans floating around to monetize the app. While the app will most likely remain free, premium services that will cost extra for parents to use could be developed. The app could also be used as a platform to download educational material, purchase things such as yearbooks and pay for school trips and lunches.


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