Dr. Mofid Mark-Offering Improved Plastic Surgery in San Diego

Dr. Mofid mark is a reputable plastic surgeon based in La Jolla and San Diego. He completed his undergraduate degree from Harvard University. He completed his medical degree and undertook general surgery training and plastic surgery at John Hopkins University. Dr. Mofid Mark has been helping men and women who are looking to improve their appearances and enhance their lives. His careful and contentious approach to plastic surgery runs across all aspects of his practice. He has friendly staffs operating in a comfortable office. Among the services offered include facelift, breast augmentation, laser hair surgery and breast augmentation. The treatment is provided according to each patient’s body which results in excellently satisfying results.

Dr. Mofid Mark mission is to provide personal and conscious services from reception all the post-recovery period. The staff makes the procedure both pleasant and seamless for the patient. They are committed to achieve the best quality and stay abreast with up to date techniques in cosmetic surgery. They value their patient’s goals and time. Patients are treated to honest, personal and accurate sessions. Dr. Mofid’s patients are treated in the La Jolla comfortable surgery office.

Dr. Mofid arranges a private consultation to learn what are the interests and goals of the patient. Once he knows the objectives of the patient, he will establish a methodology to achieve those results. Each patient is allocated enough time to address any question about cosmetic surgery he/she may have.

Dr. Mofid mark has perfected the science of Butt augmentation by solving some of the challenges he found in the field. The implants available at the time were way too huge for intramuscular placement and gravity would pull them to an inferior position. He developed the round Gluteal implantech that solved both of the two challenges. The implants do not look fake in any way since they are very proportional.


Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Shares Tips on Following Your Calling

Lime Crime founder Doe Deere is such an innovator in the beauty industry it almost feels shameful to use such a buzzword like “innovator.” Instead, I will use the word that fans have dubbed her – she’s a true Unicorn. In fact, her Lime Crime fans call her the Queen of the Unicorns.


To Doe Deere and her brand Lime Crime a unicorn is someone who isn’t afraid to boldly stand out from the rest. A unicorn bares its sparkling horn and bright pink (or whichever color inspires you) mane and flies boldly away from the herd. That is exactly what she wants Lime Crime fans to feel like when they apply her gorgeous shades of lipsticks, hair products, eyeshadows, highlighters and more. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/doedeere


When she started Lime Crime, it was basically to appease her personal sense of style. She wanted bright colors to express herself and she demanded nothing less than the highest quality. There was no such beauty collection on the market at the time that offered those two things, so she decided to found a new line of beauty products. And so Lime Crime was born. However, instead of a niche following, women across the world went crazy for the bright colors and amazing textures that Lime Crime provided. From lipsticks to eyeshadows, highlighters to hair products, women love expressing themselves with Lime Crime beauty products.


When she first founded Lime Crime, the bright purples, deep blues and bold reds may have been a shock to many. It was in the age of nude and completely subtle makeup that didn’t suit Doe Deere’s love of everything colorful and wonderful. Yet, it didn’t really matter because Lime Crime fans soared into the triple digits early on and those fans became true brand advocates for Lime Crime.


She always wanted Lime Crime to be a digital company before it focused on being in retail locations. She admits in a recent article that being a mainly digital company has both advantages and challenges. While she enjoys the immediate feedback that is available through social media challenges it also opens up the door for people who are generally unhappy to use her products to vent in an anonymous sector. However, she noted that the positive feedback she receives from fans across the world along with their pictures of themselves wearing her products is what truly makes her heart soar.


Lime Crime continues to grow and like the buzzword I considered using earlier, it truly is an innovator. The company is beloved by millions of fans. Doe Deere has shared her message for women who want to follow their dreams loud and clear. She says that if you have a calling inside you – follow it. The idea of a company selling wildly colored lipsticks may have been seen as unfeasible at its founding, yet now it is one of the most desireable products out there with a fanbase that is growing every day. She encourages people to never shy away from that little voice inside you telling you “this is your calling.” Learn more: http://www.doedeere.com/