Key shopping ideas that have led to the success of Fabletics

The value of brands and companies in clothing is best defined by the quality and price of goods and the services offered by the company. Since the establishment of the Fabletics in 2013, it has grown to one of the most inclusive and empowering wear company. It is one of the companies that has grown at a very first rate to hold a net worth of $250 million in just three and a half years. One of the things that many people have been questioning is the accelerated success of the company at a time when Amazon controls more than 20% of the fashion e-commerce market.


The above question has seen many people try to associate and interrogate Kate Hudson who is the co-founder and owner of the company. According to the company’s managers, the key technique that Fabletics has been using is intelligence in selling clothes to their customers. According to them a motivating factor to customers is looking for brands that are aspirational and will push them a little.


Through the motivation, their customers are encouraged to make even bigger orders which translates to increased sales. With a mix up of this trick with their convenience and membership, the combination has always been powerful leading to the rewarding returns.


On another case, their readiness to make use and utilize showrooms has made them outdo their competitors. Most of their counterparts are known to shun from the showroom idea but rather encourage online shopping. With online shopping, most of the people browse for the items offline but instead purchase the items elsewhere at a lower price.


After they learned this, they decided to turn the negative side of this shopping technique into a positive. All they did is develop a strategy where they would make direct replies to their customers with the aim of building a concrete relationship with them. From this scheme, a range of 30 to 50% of all those individuals that walk through their door is assured members with a guarantee of others 25 % joining the store.


More from this technique, when a customer tries out an article or clothing online, it directly goes to his shopping cart where they purchase in stores. From their remarkable success, Fabletics is in the current position likening itself with Apple and Warby Parker.


It is a company that is always determined to become better day after day a result that has contributed to them coming up with an idea of expanding their stores to add up to the current sixteen that are already functional in places such as Florida, Illinois, Hawaii, California and much more.

A Look At The Wedding Of Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe

As the founder and chief executive officer of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe knows quite a bit about dating. She’s now found her own success as she recently celebrated her wedding day on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. The wedding was held in a fairy-tale style that included expansive views of the coast and the Meditteranean Sea. The wedding ceremony and reception were held at Villa Treville which is located within the town of Positano.

The guy that Whitney Wolfe married is Michael Herd who is from Texas. He is the air to an oil fortune and they make their home in Austin, Texas. For the wedding, they created a hashtag for Twitter which was #homeiswheretheherdis which was a pun on her new husband’s last name.

At her wedding ceremony, Whitney Wolfe wore a dress that was designed by Oscar De La Renta. When the ceremony was completed she changed into a dress which was cream-colored. The newlyweds and their guests were treated to a luxurious meal which included a range of great food and drinks.

It was on Valentine’s Day in 2014 that Whitney Wolfe had met Michael Herd. They became engaged in July of 2016. They met in Aspen, Colorado and it’s entirely possible it was through the app Bumble that they first became acquainted.

Bumble is a smartphone app which is available for both Android and iPhones. It only allows women to initiate contact and so men can only respond to contact requests. This makes women both feel safer and more able to evade unwanted attention and requests. The app was launched in September 2014 and is now one of the biggest dating apps on the market.

Whitney Wolfe is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. She has a degree in international studies which she earned at Southern Methodist University. After graduating she entered the technology industry, in particular creating smartphone apps. After garnering enough experience in the industry she founded Bumble. Her success in the industry has been recognized by organizations such as Business Insider. This magazine named her one of their 30 Most Important Women Under 30 in Tech.

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