Bob Reina: Improving Lives through Entrepreneurship and Charitable Contributions

Bob Reina is the innovative entrepreneur behind Talk Fusion, in addition to being deeply committed to numerous philanthropic causes. He founded Talk Fusion in 2007 after recognizing that the internet needed an efficient and easy method of communicating by video. Since its founding, Talk Fusion has grown to become the seventh largest video communications company in the world, with locations in 140 different countries, and their video marketing products available in multiple languages.


Bob Reina’s philanthropic achievements are also quite remarkable and demonstrate his commitment to improving the lives of people and animals. He created and launched a program within Talk Fusion that allows employees of the company to donate a free account to any charity they choose. This program helps to provide high quality communication and marketing methods to those who need it the most, and includes products such as video email, video chat, video newsletters, and sign-up forms. This program fully depicts the culture of giving that is inherent to Talk Fusion as a workplace.


Mr. Reina has readily donated time, finances and resources to many other charities over the years. Over the years he has donated a million dollars to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, held fundraisers for providing financial aid to victims of natural disasters overseas, and even helped the Hillsborough Sheriff’s department to find a new dog for their K-9 unit. His also provides support for an orphanage in Indonesia.


The entrepreneurial and philanthropic work of Bob Reina exhibit his dedication to helping others. Through Talk Fusion he has provided important and inventive methods of using the internet for communication, and through his charitable contributions he has greatly improved many lives. Bob Reina’s inspirational work is a stunning example of the power of entrepreneurship.

FreedomPop Makes Communication a Lot Less Costly

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FreedomPop Allows Its Customers Full Use Of Their Smartphones

There is a lot that people do with their cell phones these days, which is why having full use of a smartphone is necessary for those who use one. Anyone can get unlimited talk time as well as text messages, but having unlimited data is very important as well. Since many people are away from home for so long throughout the day, especially if they are working, they may have the need to use the data on their phone. The data can be used to surf the Internet, to run the GPS, to download applications, and maybe even to stream videos and music.

Without a constant stream of data, it’s possible that a smartphone will slow down or be nearly unusable unless it’s being used for text messages or phone calls. FreedomPop wants to allow everyone the ability to use their smartphone as they need it, especially where the data is concerned. Many are plagued with wireless companies that slow their data to incredibly slow speeds when the customer has used up their 4G LTE data, which is unfair and can hinder the usage of a smartphone. A FreedomPop review states that they offer unlimited 3G data, and several gigabytes of 4G LTE data is also available.

Those who want additional 4G LTE data can always add it to their cell phone plan, but those who are not concerned with having extremely fast speeds can still be sure that they’ll be able to download music and even stream videos when they use FreedomPop’s network. The unlimited 3G data that’s provided with the unlimited cell phone service plan is excellent for those who have standard needs for data, even if they are streaming something through their phone. Being able to use a smartphone as it was meant to be used, especially with data, that’s something that many smartphone users want.

The cheapest unlimited cell phone service plan from FreedomPop starts at only $20 per month and only goes up in cost based on the amount of 4G LTE data that’s added to the plan. Even those that don’t want to spend so much money on a cell phone plan can choose a plan that costs less than $20 a month, or choose the free plan that FreedomPop offers. The free plan will still give talk time, data, and text messages but will allow the user to pay no money for the service, which in turn will save them money.

Choose FreedomPop For Low Prices And Unbeatable Services

How does one know if a review about a particular company is reliable? Many reviews that are floating around on the Internet have been paid for by the actual company in order to give them a favorable standing in the eyes of their customers, but many of the things written in these reviews may not be correct. Any bad information about the company is never revealed in these reviews, especially if they are dictated and sponsored by people who have an interest in the company. In order to get a good review about a company, it’s best to go directly to customers. Many customers have good things to say about FreedomPop.

Although FreedomPop hasn’t been around as long as many of the other cell phone companies that exist today, they certainly have made a splash in the short time that they’ve been established. A lot of customers of long existing cell phone companies have chosen to switch over to FreedomPop because of the low prices they pay when they get unlimited cell phone service. Even some of the best carriers will continue to higher their prices for their cell phone service, even though they can afford to make the prices lower and more affordable for their customers.

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If a person even has the FreedomPop free phone service, which gives them hundreds of minutes as well as text messages and 500 MB of free data, they can still maximize their data usage by signing up for the unlimited Wi-Fi service that FreedomPop offers. Accessing the Wi-Fi service through the cell phone will allow the user to use as much Wi-Fi service as they please, without going over there 500 MB limit that the free service from FreedomPop offers. There is no competition when it comes to low-priced cell phone service, so why not join FreedomPop?

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Self-Discipline and Commitment


Self-discipline can bring out the best in people. Bob Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion, is a perfect example of this. While attending the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida, Reina worked a variety of jobs. After graduation, he entered the Tampa Police Academy where he graduated top of his class. He worked in a variety of law enforcement capacities throughout his career including patrol, crimes against persons, and crimes against property. During his time as an officer, he also worked in network marketing, a job at which he excelled. It was his passion for marketing that eventually led him to give up his career in law enforcement. Not that he’s completely abandoned that field. The police community still holds a special place in his heart as does his love for animals. He enabled the Sheriff’s Department of Hillsborough County, Florida to procure an additional dog for their K-9 program, and he serves on the Board of Directors of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

So what is Talk Fusion? This company develops and markets tech solutions that allow users to send emails with embedded videos. Reina came up with this idea after he found that no such application existed. He wanted to show off some property he had purchased and wanted to do it via video in an email. He was surprised to discover that his network provider, AOL, offered no such service. Talk Fusion grew out of this conundrum. The company developed this service that enables the embedding of video into email. It also has marketing and social media applications. Bob Reina has had two great careers. When asked about his success, Reina says that it was only possible due to self-discipline and commitment over many years.


FreedomPop Rolls Out The Free WhatsApp

Everyone who comes to FreedomPop will find out that they can get the best service possible with free help from WhatsApp once they make the commitment. Everyone who wants to save money on their phone is already using FreedomPop, and now Venture beat says that WhatsApp will be offered for free. The idea at FreedomPop is to let people talk more, and it is to allow them to use services that help them save data. A lot of data is saved when people are on WhatsApp, and they can use their packages for other purposes.

The people that start up with WhatsApp need to remember that they will have a lot more chances to use the app, and they can take it with them no matter what phone they are on. They are given their own phone number to use, and they can talk or text with anyone at ny time. It is also important for these people to put all their talking and texting on WhatsApp because it does not count against data. They can hide everything in the app, and they can still talk as much as they want.

Someone who is trying to make the most of their cell phone came to FreedomPop because they wanted to save money, and now they want to make sure that they have something that will be easy to use. They will not worry about their data, and they will not feel like they are in a position to lose data. They can just slide over to WhatsApp, and they can use it any time. FreedomPop already has free plans for people who need them, and now they can help people pay even less. WhatsApp with no data usage is the perfect thing for people who have a lot of talking to do.

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