Securus Scoops Gold in the 11th Annual Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service

The 11th Annual Stevie Awards saw Securus Technologies scoop the award in the Best Customer Service Training category. Securus is involved in providing technological solutions to the civil and criminal justice with the aim of enhancing public safety, investigation, correction, and monitoring.


About Stevie Awards


The Stevie Awards are held annually with the aim of honoring companies in the customer service, business development, call center, and sales professional sectors. This year’s awards took place on 24th February at the Caesars Palace Las Vegas and were audited by over 650 executives from around the globe.


Determining the Winners


This year’s nomination had a 10 percent increase from 2016’s with 2,300 nominations from organizations of all sizes, both virtual and physical being evaluated. There were 61 entries in the customer service and contact center categories. The awards had 73 judges determining winners of different levels including Gold, Bronze, and Silver.


Commenting on the award, Danny de Hoyos, Securus Senior Vice President of Operations said that their team focused on improving customer experience. They applied materials and methods that helped agents concentrate more on their clients and come to their rescue during stressful times.


Judges Opinion on Securus Technologies


When presenting the awards, the judges noted that the role of Securus Technology in the community is critical and it was an honor knowing they would always provide useful services to people who need it. They also praised the company for having a compelling story despite being at the time when the community is hardened. The judges also applauded the company for their strong ability to recognize the problem and their ability to train their team to help their customers realize results.


Stevie Awards founder and CEO Michael Gallagher noted that the awards remain to be the most compelling and fastest growing award program. He credited this growth to the importance of the different categories included in the awards.


The Power of a Rating

For a business to set themselves apart from their competition, many will seek out a rating from the Better Business Bureau. The BBB is the most trusted authority when it comes to the business practices of a company. The higher the rating a business has, the better the company is.


Securus Technologies is a technology company that works to improve the experiences that law enforcement agencies and criminal justice systems face. They have their headquarters in Dallas, Texas and have over 1,300 employees. Securus Technologies has been in business since 1986, and their CEO is Richard A. (Rick) Smith.


In a recent press release, Securus Technologies announced that they had received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This is the highest rating that a company can receive. Rick Smith said that he was glad to receive this rating, and the rating gives Securus Technologies an extra backing to what they can do.


Danny de Hoyos is the Senior Vice President of Operations, and he talked about how hard the company worked to achieve this rating. The BBB has strict standards and guidelines that companies must follow in order to achieve the top rating. Securus Technologies used these standards as motivation to make changes and improve the company for the better.


Not all companies seek out an accreditation from the BBB. Those that seek out accreditation from the BBB know the power a high rating has. Securus Technologies worked extremely hard to receive their rating and now their customers and clients have another example of just how good the company really is.


Securus Technologies answers GTL’s misleading press release

The fourth press release made by GTL was an allegation that the PTAB had already validated GTL’s patents. As such, GTL was only a few months from going to court to show how Securus has always infringed their patents. Securus made a correction to the fact that GTL claimed that they were only a few months away. The company stated that this was unlikely as the company would not have evidence any time soon. In case they get their evidence, the company will get the matter to court in a year’s time. The jury is going to be the only person that determines whether Securus used technologies patented by GTL.


Securus is a leading company that offers solutions for monitoring, public safety, investigation, and corrections. Securus Technologies has issued several corrections concerning press releases published by Global Tel Link. The company believes that GTL’s press releases contain gross errors that are misleading and inaccurate. The purpose of the press release by Securus Technologies was to provide correct information and clarification on incorrect claims by GTL.


Securus Technologies and Global Tel Link are big competitors in technology within correction facilities. Securus has the upper hand when it comes to experience and the number of patents. Securus has a total of 150 patents whereas GTL has 51. Securus Technologies has been in operation for many decades now. Securus forms the largest communication system for law enforcement programs. Securus specializes in parolee tracking, government information management, and detainee communications.


Securus Technologies currently serves more than 2,500 correction facilities spread across 45 states. The company has international operations in Mexico and Canada. Besides video monitoring and tracking people, Securus has established a communication network for imprisoned people to talk to their families. The firm holds a positive review from Better Business Bureau. It received an A+ grade based on customer experience and customer satisfaction.



Securus Technologies Recognized By The Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) recently awarded accreditation and an A+ rating to Securus Technologies. The Better Business Bureau is a highly respected organization by people within and outside the business world. Many consumers turn to the Better Business Bureau when they have problems with companies or need information concerning the level of service provided by the companies. Therefore, any positive acknowledgement provided by the Better Business Bureau is good for any company.


There are several reasons why many people look at the Better Business Bureau as a trusted source of information regarding companies both large and small. One of the main reasons is that the Better Business Bureau is not affiliated with the companies that it gives accreditation and ratings for regarding the companies’ service and performance level. This outside perspective as a third party helps tremendously related to the trust factor that people place with the Better Business Bureau.


Securus Technologies is a company that provides services and products for organizations in safety and law related industries such as public safety, enforcement agencies, and correction agencies. Securus Technologies currently serves close to 3,400 agencies across the country, and also provides services to over one million inmates across the country.


Securus Technologies made several improvements within its company to help with areas such as customer service. The company recently established a large call center to help with the daily demands of customer service. This call center has allowed Securus Technologies to offer a level of customer service that is considered at the top of its industry.


Securus Technologies is a company that is on the move. The company is now recognized by the Better Business Bureau as an accredited company with an A+ rating. I believe this acknowledgment by the Better Business Bureau is a valuable recognition that will help Securus Technologies in many ways moving forward.

Securus Technologies – Release Of Investigator Pro. 4.0

Securus Technologies is a technology solution and public safety as well as investigation service provider to US correction facilities. However, the primary business that defines the company is telephone services to inmates. Improving communication for both inmates and investigators has seen the company develop for three decades to where it is today. To ensure that this is effectively accomplished, the company employs over a thousand employees for its clients.



In its bid to increase in innovation, it developed Investigator Pro. 4.0 that comes with a searchable voice. With this software, investigators are better placed to utilize inmate voice samples to search for other similar sounds. Consequently, investigators are now well placed to solve gang-related efficiently or other illegal activities using voice searches. Using data from their call archives, investigators are also able to identify all the persons that have called specific individuals.


The introduction of Investigator Pro. 4.0 now enables correctional facilities better manage investigations biometrically rather than using traditional methods. It follows that investigators now have the capacity to extinguish a crime ahead of its actualization. With its enhanced capacity, investigators can establish what inmates discuss and quickly determine the history of the caller.


Also, they can determine if any former inmate communicates with serving inmates in demystifying gang-related crimes. As a result, the Investigator Pro. 4.0 becomes an indispensable investigative tool that eases investigative work of correctional facilities. Investigators can now rest assured that criminal networks that previously took advantage of jail telephone systems are now under control.


As a result, the level of inmate communication now stands to be enhanced with the elimination of such criminal networks. There is also the ease of management in areas such as visitation management or messaging. Therefore, Investigator Pro. 4.0 comes as a highly significant correctional facilities management tool regarding investigations.

Securus continues its wave of revolution with the digital forms

It is believed that on average, an inmate requires at least 13 forms in a month. In a correction facility that has 2000 prisoners, that translates to a hip of relevant documents. They including grievances forms, medical forms, and sign-up forms among other forms. Correction facilities have to deal with these documents every month. Handling paperwork is a task in itself. Thanks to Securus Technologies, this could be a thing of the past.

Although it is fast becoming a tradition for the Dallas-based company, the companies desire to innovate is getting better and better. Recently, they launched comprehensive video call visitation for inmates. The new platform, ConnectUs, is equally a first in the industry. Inmates’ files can be filled and submitted through the platform. It will save printing costs, and time lost collecting and submitting forms and make filing and the whole process of documenting easier.

Securus will implement ConnectUs technology in over 3400 correction and public safety facilities all over North America. The automated filing system will serve over 1.2million inmates in this facilities. Considering the amount of paperwork required to cover comprehensively prison environment services, the cost of paperwork and corresponding filing system will take a significant cut. It will herald a new era of cost reduction and excellent services. ConnectUs will connect all players in the industry in the future.

According to prison officials, ConnectUs is a feature that will go a long way in making prison service delivery smooth. The feature is easy to use, cost friendly, and very secure. Prison facilities have access to administrative powers of the platform and therefore it will help encourage and motivate staff and sheriffs especially in this dispensation of technology. The pressure on preparing documents and other challenges that come with documentation is no longer a significant issue. Officers can now focus on delivering on the correction platform.