Entrepreneur Jason Hope is an oracle of coming technologies

If you heard about somebody who had invented the internal combustion engine 10 years before Karl Benz or somebody who had developed the first successful passenger jetliner 10 years before the DeHavilland Comet, you would certainly have your interest piqued. At a minimum, someone capable of foreseeing and implementing technological solutions 10 years before those credited with creating the technologies would be an individual worth listening to and reading about.

Arizona entrepreneur Jason Hope is just one such individual. As the founder of one of the first premium mobile content streaming providers, Jawa, Hope essentially invented the business model that a decade later would be used by Apple and the iTunes store to generate billions upon billions of dollars in sales every year. At a time when barely half of all Americans even own cellular devices, Hope foresaw the huge potential in the premium mobile content streaming market, inventing a completely new business model that allowed people to download their favorite ringtones, news and even full songs and videos. This turned out to be a highly successful company that Hope would eventually sell for a large sum of money.

But it is through demonstrated farsightedness and vision like this that Hope is become one of the world’s leading voices on the direction in technological innovations are likely to take in the near-term future. Recently, Hope has been blogging and writing for various tech outlets on the internet regarding the immense opportunities that the Internet of Things will soon present to entrepreneurs and consumers alike, throughout the world.

Hope believes that the Internet of Things will present opportunities on a scale that have never been seen since the Industrial Revolution itself. He believes that this new category of technologies will form the basis of the 21st century’s great fortunes, allowing a few smart and industrious entrepreneurs the opportunity to make life-changing money, while changing the way in which people live their lives to learn more about us: http://jasonhope.com/blog/ click here.

Hope says that the Internet of Things will be the richest source of research and development that the global technology industry has ever seen, allowing the next generation of entrepreneurs to achieve things never before imaginable.

Rick Smith: The Successful Man Behind Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is a respected technologist who is slowly changing the correction industry. At the moment, he is working as the president and chief executive director of one of the leading technology and communication providers in the United States known as Securus Technologies. Rick Smith has been in the limelight for helping the institution to update its process and applications. Under his leadership, the organization has grown significantly, and it has also won the hearts of many individuals in the corrections department. Smith has also played a vital role in making sure that the overall justice system in the United States has improved.Several years ago, Securus Technologies management thought about appointing a new chief executive officer. After a lot of considerations, the board decided to appoint Rick Smith to the prestigious position in the year 2008. Thanks to this nomination, the company managed to experience a turning point.

Becoming one of the best companies in the industry. Before this appointment, T-Netix was the main competitor for the organization.After the appointment, Smith said that the two main players would work together just as a team and make a powerful force. As the individual responsible for the merger, Smith has done his best to ensure that the private institution remains the leader.Rick Smith was born and raised in an ordinary middle-class family. However, people who are close to him say that he is one of the few natural born leaders. This is because of his exceptional leadership and management skills he has possessed for many years. His skills have brought the private company where it is at the moment. These excellent skills have been improved by the experience he has acquired over the years in different companies.

Before getting the position of president of the correctional company, Smith had the opportunity to work in various institutions. Most of the companies he has served in the past specialize in communication and technology, and this is why the businessman has been doing so well. The businessman has had the opportunity to work with numerous clients and companies in the communication and technology world acquiring a lot of expertise and experience. This exposure has given him an upper hand as the president of the company.Just recently, Rick Smith and his successful company announced that they had decided to acquire an institution known as JPay. Although the financial details of the unique deal were not disclosed to the public, several sources say that the new acquisition will be beneficial to Securus Technologies. JPay is also a respected institution in the technology world, and it will bring a lot of expertise and experience at the corrections company. The leaders of both companies are looking forward to working together as a team.

Talk Fusion: The Product That Gets It Done

When it comes to tech products out there, people are looking for products that won’t have any bugs and won’t have any issues. They want products that are going to get the job done without any hesitation and without any problems. That is exactly what Talk Fusion does as it is a video communications provider that is always on the top of its game. Its owner and CEO, Bob Reina, would not have it any other way. When he hired his IT team, he made sure to get the best in the business. He knew for a job like this, he needed the best men and women that he could find.


He has succeeded with that as now Talk Fusion has won two awards in 2016 from the media giant Technology Marketing Corporation . It is never easy to win any award, but to win two in the same year, that is truly saying something out there. There are a lot of tremendous products out there, but this is a product that is always working, always improving, and always helping people. It gets it done, plain and simple. This award was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award and Bob Reina and everyone on the IT team are thrilled to receive it.


The wonderful and humble thing about Bob Reina is the fact that he has gone on record to recognize the IT team and all that they have done to make this award possible. He has never taken the credit for it or patted himself on the back. That is why people give their best for Bob Reina and Talk Fusion. They know they are working for a man that truly appreciates them and what they put into the company. They play a pivotal role in the success of the company.


Between the video newsletters, video chats, video conferences, and video emails, they have it all. They recently made great upgrades to the video chat, which has received amazing reviews from the customers. They are also offering a thirty day free trial at the moment for new customers.