Lacy & Racy Lingerie Company Honey Birdette Plans Extensive Development

The scintillating Australian based women’s intimates company, Honey Birdette, has recently announced that it is planning moving into the UK market via considerable store expansion in the region. The company has stated that it plans to move from its current three brick and mortar locations in the United Kingdoms to a whooping 40 sometime around the end of 2018. For those who may not be familiar with the company, Honey Birdette is an independent, unique lingerie company that was first founded in 2006 by the well known and industrious forty year old business woman, Eloise Monaghan.

However, the company’s plans for expansion do not just stop with expanding their real world store locations but also by extending their virtual storefronts into as yet uncharted territory – the United States of America. After opening up a United States based website, the company experienced a unprecedented surge in sales that leapt % 374, so naturally this is a market that the company is very interested in pursuing. To ensure that Americans take a liking to this newly emergent enterprise Honey Birdette has unveiled a whole host of user benefits that will make the niche market a shoe-in, namely, improved delivery speed and one hundred percent free shipping for any item or items that total % 50 or more.

Naturally, these offers are highly enticing especially when coupled with the unique designs and patterns and material utilized by Honey Birdette. Thus, it seems with the advent of these new American and UK storefronts, both real and digital, Ms. Monahan is well on her way to becoming one of the next international multi-millionaire.

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A Take on Cassio Audi

One of the best ways that people have learned to get the most out of their money is by making great investments. For many years, investing was something that was primarily done by wealthy people or people who made a very good living. However, in the past few decades, investing has become easier for people of all economic levels to gain access to as an option. Many people who have some additional money have started to look towards various investments as a way of making the most out of their money.

Investments such as mutual funds have become very popular for people at all income levels. There are numerous positives to investments of all kinds. Mutual funds, individual stocks, and other investments will usually give people a better return on their money than most other ways of saving money.

While investing is one of the most consistent aspects of the financial industry, there are some differences related to investing depending on the country or part of the world where people are trying to invest. In Brazil, the climate of investing is different than other parts of the world. One of the investment professionals who knows a great deal about the Brazilian investment world is Cassio Audi.

For many years, Cassio Audi has been a voice that many people in Brazil have listened to regarding the financial situation that surrounds the stock market and other investing areas. Cassio Audi is an investment manager who has an excellent reputation in the investment field as a hard worker and a professional who places his clients in good positions concerning investments.

Also, Cassio Audi has other talents. As a music professional a few decades ago, Cassio Audi was in a top musical group that made several songs that did very well in the music industry. Cassio Audi is a multi talented individual who has accomplished a great deal in his life. He brings the same energy to whatever he is trying to do in his life both as a professional in the investment industry as well as in the music industry.

The Rise of Norka Luque

Norka Martínez Luque is the name behind MILAGRO hit song. She was born in Venezuela and studied in France. Norka graduated with a degree in Business Administration in Culinary Arts, Marketing and Fashion. She wanted to join a band while she was still a student she acceded to a band as a singer. This is where she attracted the attention of producer Emilio Estefan Jr. He was interested in her music projects and voice. He requested Norka to work with him. Norka was grateful for the opportunity since it paved her a way to join music industry and did music professionally.


Norka had a passion and love for music since she was a little girl. Her parents discovered the love Norka had for music, and they supported her by paying her music classes. At music school, she trained on her voice and learned to play different musical instruments. All this was before she went to study. Norka did music part time. She never ditched books to make music as her parents had advised her not to. Norka has been clear to her goal, and she has been working hard so as to succeed in the music industry.


Norka partnered with a team of producers, led by Emilio Estefan Jr. and music composers among them being Hermanos Gaitán, Luigi Giraldo, and Archie Pena to come up with the song MILAGRO. The song has become a major hit in the United States, Puerto Rico and Venezuela and Norka continues to market the song together with El Cata. MILAGRO has been topping charts in the prestigious Latin Music Billboards. It is a fusion of Caribbean sounds and Reggae. The song has one of the most successful projects of Norka and still she is looking forward to releasing more hit songs in the coming future.


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