Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Shares Tips on Following Your Calling

Lime Crime founder Doe Deere is such an innovator in the beauty industry it almost feels shameful to use such a buzzword like “innovator.” Instead, I will use the word that fans have dubbed her – she’s a true Unicorn. In fact, her Lime Crime fans call her the Queen of the Unicorns.


To Doe Deere and her brand Lime Crime a unicorn is someone who isn’t afraid to boldly stand out from the rest. A unicorn bares its sparkling horn and bright pink (or whichever color inspires you) mane and flies boldly away from the herd. That is exactly what she wants Lime Crime fans to feel like when they apply her gorgeous shades of lipsticks, hair products, eyeshadows, highlighters and more. Learn more:


When she started Lime Crime, it was basically to appease her personal sense of style. She wanted bright colors to express herself and she demanded nothing less than the highest quality. There was no such beauty collection on the market at the time that offered those two things, so she decided to found a new line of beauty products. And so Lime Crime was born. However, instead of a niche following, women across the world went crazy for the bright colors and amazing textures that Lime Crime provided. From lipsticks to eyeshadows, highlighters to hair products, women love expressing themselves with Lime Crime beauty products.


When she first founded Lime Crime, the bright purples, deep blues and bold reds may have been a shock to many. It was in the age of nude and completely subtle makeup that didn’t suit Doe Deere’s love of everything colorful and wonderful. Yet, it didn’t really matter because Lime Crime fans soared into the triple digits early on and those fans became true brand advocates for Lime Crime.


She always wanted Lime Crime to be a digital company before it focused on being in retail locations. She admits in a recent article that being a mainly digital company has both advantages and challenges. While she enjoys the immediate feedback that is available through social media challenges it also opens up the door for people who are generally unhappy to use her products to vent in an anonymous sector. However, she noted that the positive feedback she receives from fans across the world along with their pictures of themselves wearing her products is what truly makes her heart soar.


Lime Crime continues to grow and like the buzzword I considered using earlier, it truly is an innovator. The company is beloved by millions of fans. Doe Deere has shared her message for women who want to follow their dreams loud and clear. She says that if you have a calling inside you – follow it. The idea of a company selling wildly colored lipsticks may have been seen as unfeasible at its founding, yet now it is one of the most desireable products out there with a fanbase that is growing every day. She encourages people to never shy away from that little voice inside you telling you “this is your calling.” Learn more:


Create Your Own Business With Inspiration From Doe Deere

Many Americans have dreamed of starting their own businesses, but they are often unaware of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. If you are considering such a move, you should follow the lead of Doe Deere, the founder and owner of the cosmetics firm Lime Crime. Learn more:

Creating a Successful Business

Finding your “niche” in the world of business is dependent upon formulating a specific plan and having a proper understanding of financing. Adherence to the practices of other successful business owners is no guarantee for success, although it may send you in the right direction. The idea for your planned business may be based on a particular interest or passion. Since your personal passion does not always translate into a business plan, you will also need to examine current business trends to help determine your ideal market. Learn more:

Establishing Your Plan of Action

Once you have a specific idea, you need to plan the different aspects of your business. Such plans are available at different locations, including the Small Business Administration or your local chamber of commerce. You will also need assistance with your financial plans. Banks and loan agencies can give advice on seeking investors. It would be wise to write down your plans in order to help others better understand your needs and goals. Learn more:

Specific Issues to Consider

You need to realize that it may take considerable time before you can start selling your products or services. You should be prepared to work long hours for little or no pay, and you may have to sacrifice some of your other personal interests. Once your business opens, you will receive your reward in both profits and personal satisfaction. You should also find satisfaction in establishing regular customers. Once you are established, you will need to follow market trends and other outside factors that could affect your business. You also need to stay ahead of your operation, writing down ideas for newer products and always looking for additional investment opportunities. Learn more:

The Success of Doe Deere

Born in Russia and raised in New York, Doe Deere saw the use of cosmetics as both a method of concealing skin imperfections and a form of self-expression. She officially registered the name “limecrime” in 2004 in her quest to develop a line of colorful but animal-friendly cosmetics. Lime Crime is geared specifically to Generation Z, the generation born in the late 20th century and raised on the computer. This is also this generation that has become accustomed to shopping online for almost everything, including cosmetics. Doe Deere is known for her mentoring of female enterpreneurs while, at the same time, serving as an inspiration for many others. Learn more:

Helane Morrison: A True Trendsetter

Women like Helane Morrison don’t come around every day. With her unique brand of skills, talents, and diversity, she sets herself apart from the pack. All of this has come to her, however, thanks to her hard work, dedication, and commitment to her craft. At the present moment, she is General Counsel, Managing Director, and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Partners. In addition to that, she is also a member of the firm’s Executive Committee. She is the type of individual that has been given a lot to do, but as they say, they don’t give you anything that you cannot handle. She likes responsibilities and is proud of the fact that they have given her these tasks. It shows that they have faith and a certain level of trust in her.

Out of all of her job titles, the one that sticks out to me the most is General Counsel. This is not the type of position they give to anyone and it comes with it a lot of pressure. When you have to counsel someone, they are trusting you to give them the best advice possible. You have to make all of the right moves and know the right things to do and say in a particular situation. If you give poor advice or tell someone the wrong thing, it can really set them back and put them in a bad position.

I would say this is the job she takes the most seriously. When it comes to counseling, Helane puts careful thought, consideration, and time into it. While she takes all of her jobs seriously, as each one serves a different purpose, when someone is counting on her for counsel, she knows she has to get it right. She gets it right by doing copious amounts of research. Before she says anything or does anything, she wants to make sure she knows what she is talking about and doesn’t want to rush the process.

That has the been the life and story of Helane Morrison, as she is someone that is diligent in every aspect of her life. Of course, no one is perfect and mistakes happen, but rarely do they happen with her. When they do happen, she tends to beat herself up over it and really takes it hard and to heart. This shows that she cares and it is wonderful to have someone out there that cares.

Helane Morrison: a Mastermind in the Corporate World

Corporate Functions

Helane Morrison is a distinguished figure in the business community with vast experience. Her prowess emanates from the fact that she holds a bunch of managerial distinctions in Hall Capital Partners LLC. Helane Morrison is not only the managing director but also the chief compliance officer of this company. She also contributes to the complete membership of the executive committee of this organization. Helane’s past credentials speak volumes of her professional attributes in the corporate world. She used to be the acting regional director of a commission known as Securities and Exchange. Here, she was responsible for ensuring that there was security and that all rules and regulations applied to the latter. The SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) also deployed her to represent it in government and legal affairs.

Professional Expertise and Educational Background

She has been an outstanding lawyer for several firms in the recent past (Rice and Canady). These companies appreciated her expertise in security matters and business litigation where Helane’s primary functions were to monitor and forward any tendencies of fraud or corruption in the workplace. She also worked for the courts of appeal from the year 1984 all the way to 1986 where this lady served as a law clerk.

Her board membership to a foundation known as RPF (Regional Parks Foundation) has overseen the organization grow into a successful institution thanks to her professional contributions. Once in a while, she has taken the position of a speaker to oversee the discussion of compliance and investment issues. Her educational credentials also speak volumes of her expertise since she is the proud owner of a law and a journalism degree from the University of California.


When it comes to the corporate world, she has personally been able to reach the pinnacles of success. Her contribution towards the enforcement of the Security and Exchange Commission is a definite landmark achievement. She is also a brilliant lawyer who has single-handedly managed to defend not only individuals but also companies. Helane has been at the forefront in tackling the menace of gender disparity in the society, and she is an example of the untapped potential in women.